Top apps to track your New Year's resolutions

Top apps to track your New Year's resolutions

During this time of the year, many people set personal goals to achieve in the coming year. Whether it is about breaking a bad habit, learning to play a new instrument, getting into physical activity, or spending more time on self-care, all of these things have one thing in common: the need for willpower and persistence. And in order to help you to achieve your 2024 New Year's resolutions, here is a selection of the best New Year's resolution apps.

Habit Tracker (Habit Bull)

  • Track your daily habits

Habit Tracker (previously called Habit Bull) is one of the most popular apps to track your daily habits - the good and the bad - to improve personally. The types of food you eat, the exercise you do, and the practice you are starting. When downloading the app, you must first indicate your commitment level and habits in a series of categories.

Then, it is up to you to set the frequency of the chosen activities and habits. Afterwards, you can go ahead and consult the app to monitor your progress. Also, keep in mind that adding reminders can be really helpful. Habit Tracker is available for Android and iOS.

Habit Tracker app
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  • Get reminders and follow your daily routine

A comprehensive habit tracker app designed specifically for your iOS devices and Mac. It allows you to track your good and bad habits, enter your goals, and stay on track, review your progress with visualized milestones and charts. You can synchronize the app with your Health app on your iPhone/iPad and connect it to your Mac computer, to use the app on any device. You can also set your Strides app to send you notifications so you continue the streak and keep up the good work. You can download Strides for iOS.

Strides app
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  • Supervision by your friends

HabitShare is an app that allows you to control your daily goals - from practicing a language to not smoking - with one particularity: in order to stay motivated, you can contact other users of the platform (friends or strangers) to supervise you and support you. This way, they can monitor your progress, but you can also talk to them. In the same way, you can 'sponsor' other users. This spirit of solidarity will help you stay on track. Even more, the app offers extra help through reminders, statistics, and a diary to record your feelings or difficulties. You can also synchronize your progress between different devices. HabitShare is available for Android and iOS.

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Goal Tracker and Habit List 

  • The easiest tracker

The biggest advantage of this app is its simplicity and clarity. Compared to other apps that offer a multitude of parameters, Goal Tracker (formerly Habit Goal Tracker) allows you to monitor the progress towards your goals thanks to an old but effective method: a simple calendar where you mark each completed day. The goal is to do the longest possible chain of days without relapsing.

You can program your daily, weekly, and monthly habits or goals for any combination of days of the week. The program will send you reminders and achievement notifications. In addition, you can export your results to your computer or upload them to a cloud. Goal Tracker is free, ad-free, and available for Android.

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Google Calendar

  • Set goals of various categories

Did you know that Google Calendar is also programmed to help you keep up with your New Year’s resolutions? Indeed, Google Calendar has a section called Goal that allows you to choose the frequency and reminders for different activities. The goals include several categories: Exercise, Build a skill, Family and friends, Me Time, and Organize my life.

If you use Google Calendar to mark all your daily activities, this is the perfect app for you because it will take care of finding the best moment possible in your spare time to work on your goals. If you still don't have it, you can download the app for Android and iOS.

Google Calendar app
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Quitzilla: Give up on bad habits

  • Helps abandon bad habits

Quitzilla is different from the rest of the apps reviewed here because it aims to do the opposite: instead of building good habits, this app helps you to abandon the bad ones. This app aims to end all addictions or harmful behaviors: smoking, drinking, spending too much time on your smartphone... It allows you to count the money spent on your habit, the money you saved, for how long you have been free of your bad habit, and other statistics and prizes that help you to stay motivated. In addition, Quitzilla has a section in which you can write the reasons for leaving the harmful behavior and a daily motivational phrase. You can use Quitzilla on Android and iOS.

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Loop: Habit Tracker

  • Get reminders and encouragement along the way

Loop is our last recommendation to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions list. Although it has no features we have not seen in the previous apps, it is free, open-source, and does not contain ads. In addition, its simple and intuitive interface helps you to keep using it and, therefore, to pursue your goals. Furthermore, it offers you detailed statistics not only of your achievements but also of the frequency ranges - this way, you can analyze, for example, if you fail more on certain days of the month. Loop sends reminders not to let go and simple or more complex frequency reports. Finally, a peculiarity: it is optimized for smartwatches. You can use Loop on Android.

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