Computer turns on, but no signal on the monitor

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I have an old emachine. I decided to run and learn Linux on this.But could not even turn on the computer, let alone install Linux. This machine has been sitting idle for a while though. Last time I used this machine, there was no problem.

emachine T6534
64 bit
AMD 64 athlon processor
Windows xp pro

When I press the power button, power button shows light and all the fans(processor, exhaust fan, PS fan) on. But NO beep, no lights on keyboard and NO signal on the monitor. D/DVD drive would not even open if I press open button. Only fans are running so far.

What I have done so far to diagnose/repair:

1) took the CMOS battery out and waited and installed back in.>> same result.
2) unplug the power supply from hard disk and swapped the jumper in different pins and put the jumper back into 5+6,>> same result.
3) took the CMOS battery out, swapped the jumper again>>same result.
4) took the HD ATA data cable out and put them back in, >> same result.
5) checked the connection cable between the tower and monitor few times, >> same result.

Any help would be appreciated. what else can I do to diagnose/repair?

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Oct 16, 2017 at 04:15 PM
OK, take out all of the RAM, and connect the HDD. Try to boot. Does it beep? If not, the Motherboard is bad (verify there is an onboard speaker).

If so, put in 1 stick of RAM, and boot. Let us know what you find.
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Oct 16, 2017 at 10:02 PM
1) Yes, it has onboard speaker, I remember from the past as it's an old machine of mine I had been using for a while. However, speaker is not visible. May be it's hidden somewhere in between other parts at the front or so.

2) As you mentioned, Took all the RAM cards out and tried to boot, keeping the HD power connected (if I am assuming that's what you were referring to).>>NO beep or no signal still.
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Oct 17, 2017 at 04:41 PM
MB is bad, if speaker is yes, and no beep!