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Wednesday June 11, 2008
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June 13, 2008
 Don -

I am not able to open other web sites like asp hosted login page from other providers, but when I open yahoo or Google my computer opens normal

Can you help


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go to my computer. click on tools tab. go to view. uncheck the top box,automatically search the net.
and voilas, fixed
Thank you

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clean up ur internet history, cache, temp files, and registry
first take your modem
second cut it into pieces and fry and sprinkle black salt and salt and garnish with coriander leaves.

then serve
haha,,, you sure to be hungry huh? but my problem is now, I want to check the result for my application of scholarship, the whole country seemed to be slow in opening the site. mostly cant even open it!
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Wednesday February 20, 2008
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February 9, 2009
hi askota,
this is due to a virus attack,so scan ur system and it will be good after that as this is ione of the feature of a virus keep this in mind dear see ya;-)
I have the reverse problem, I cannot open any yahoo web pages, no email, no fantasy football!!! I run a scan with spybot, avg & morton 360.... still the same issue????

Yeah, I have the same problem you have, I can only open howstuffworks and wikipedia.

I search up in google: "water" Wikipedia's link pops up and I am unable to click it, No viruses/spyware, I've even tried Spybot search & destroy.
I've recently had an error with WinLogon.exe but I have fixed it, and now I am getting problems with Internet Explorer/Mozilla AND Google chrome.
Try lowering your router MTU to 1492
Andrew I had a very similar problem which I solved today, it was my anti-virus programme... when I removed my anti-virus programme and replaced it with another everything went back to normal... I was running Avira free, are you using that too?