One certain site will not load! Help!

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I have a website that I am trying to access that keeps coming up "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".
The link was working fine till last week but I have not been able to get it to come up since last weekend. It is a members only site and password protected, but I can't even get the page where I can enter the id and password.

I also tried to access the page on Firefox but had the same no luck results.

Every other webpage I have tried to access works fine except this one. I know it is a working page because I have had other people trying it from different locations and devices and it shows the webpage.

I spent about 2 hours with an online tech the other evening. He was entering all kinds of codes but we couldn't get anything to get the page to load.

Can you help me?
System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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A website does not open and an untitled blank page appears. This generally happens if Net Filters are used in a computer to block certain websites. If you are able to access same website through other computer and not from yours.
Thank you

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Hello, Thank you for trying to help me. What do I have to do to check on Net Filters?
I could access the site two weeks ago, but haven't been able to since. I have had the same problem where I work. I first had the site open on one of the computers I use there most of the time, then this past week it has not worked at home or at work. I tried the site on numerous different computers at work (a school) and can not get it to load on any of them. I asked my son in another city to try and it came right up for him. Also the lady I am working with who lives in yet another location says it comes up for her every time. And darn it still isn't working for me at home tonight. A tech worked with me a couple of hours and swears it is not my computer because all other sites I have tried to access work fine. That is why I am so puzzled and frestrated with this problem. Should it matter that the site is password protected? The user name & password however are not entered until you are on the webpage. I am just wondering if somehow it is a security issue with the site because I saved the user name and password. But in the mean time I deleted all of these in checking the various options that could be causing the problem. Please remember to tell me how to check on my Net Filters.

Thank you.

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thanks man, so help full
Thanks to you.
Please follow the steps given below to unblock website(s).

On Windows 7

1. Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> right click on the Notepad program and choose Run as administrator.
2. Click on File and then Open. Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc
3. Change the file filter drop down box (Files of type) to All Files (*.*)
4. Select "Hosts" and click Open
5. You will see the line " localhost " on the Hosts file
6. Any site listed underneath this line has ben blocked e.g.
7. To unblock the websire, delete the line
8. Click on File and then Save.

For XP

a) Before carrying out the above procedure, vavigate your way to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts

b) Right click the file and remove the "read only" box
c) Now click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> and open Notepad program
d) Now follow above procedure
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Try it opening from windos explorer address bar. go to my computer, click on it, type the web address and click Go.

Thank you for your reply. I'm now quite sure I totally understand what you wanted me to do. Did you mean to access my computer by left clicking on start on the lower left side. I do not find anything in there about entering a specific link. If I just enter the link into the address bar and click go I still get the blank page. Did I understand you correctly or do you have any other ideas. I would give you the address but think for privacy sake of this paost being public I should not do that.

I have a website that I am trying to access that keeps coming up "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".
It link worked for me last week but I have not been able to get it to come up since last weekend. It is a members only site and password protected, but I can't even get the page to come up so I can enter the id and password. I also tried to access the page on Firefox but had the same no luck results.

Every other webpage I have tried to access works just not this one. I know it is a working page because I have had other people try it from different locations and it comes up for them. I really need to access the page because it is the training page for an opportunity I am working.

I spent about 2 hours with an online tech the other evening. He was entering all kinds of codes but we couldn't get anything to get the page to load.

Can you help me??

No Cash coming in here right now.
> Nidhi
Try pinging the site from a command prompt. See if the IP address does not match the IP address you get from pinging the website from a machine that can access the site


Check the real address using NSlookup (from a DOS prompt)
Ping the URL and see if the IP address matches.

If the IP address does not match, someone probably edited your HOSTS file a very malicious thing to do even to computer saavy individuals.

It is also possible that your IP range has been banned...for some reason or other, also uncommon.
Go to start, accessories, system tools, internet explorer (no add ons) and see if it works. THere are a lot of pop ups that may block a site. If it works, close IE, then re open. Go to tools, internet options, advanced, and click on restore advanced settings and reset. Then apply. Problem should be fixed. e mail me at if it works!
thankyou, you are a lifesaver, john
ok, I am in thesame situation and I am very worried right now. i'm not very good with computers but I know the basics atleast. I use to access this website for studies but I just can't seem to get to it since yesterday. somebody please help me. running late on school projects. the website ie everybody access it except me. please help

I encountered the same problem this morning and this forum was pretty darn useful. After reading through all the suggested advice I thought I would try simply turning off my modem for a little while. I guess my router must reset itself when its turned back on because right now everything is working fine! Not sure if this helps anyone, but it might be worth a shot.
I have this exact same problem, but with, and I can not get to any of them and have tried EVERYTHING. Let me know if you have found a way to figure this out. It is driving me crazy. All of these sites work on the computer upstairs but do not work on mine.
I dunno if you've tried this but no one seems to have made mention of it, but have you tried clearing the entire cache and history on IE and FF? I used to work at a call centre for a password protected site which required a certificate to access the encrypted site and one of the most common issues was a simple bad file or too many instances of the same file or cookie in the cache ironically enough.

So try it In IE click tools, internet options, and under the browsing history title click settings, then click view files, press Ctrl + A, and hit delete. Next go back and click on view objects and see if any of the installed objects are broken (there will be text saying the object is broken or not running) if there are any like this select and delete them if not leave them alone. Now close IE and then start a fresh session and see if you can get onto your website.

In FF click tools, options, privacy, and look at the private data heading - click on "clear now" another window will pop up tick everything except passwords (deleting the history will not delete your bookmarks) and clear the private data. The close FF and open a new session and try to access your website.

This is not guaranteed to fix it but it can't hurt!!! Let us know if it helps

Thanks for your imput. I just tried all of what you suggested and restarted the computer. No luck ;o(.
Can you access the page? Some people can and some people can't. The link is given in the thread above. You are supposed to get a page that asks for a user name and password and of course not a blank internet explorer page. This must be a tricky problem because nothing anyone is trying seems to work. Frusssssstrating.
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Ok I've gone to the pages you've listed and I can access all of them, looking at HTML code they are using the site is not particularly well built and annoyingly I can't see the code that is run when the enter password and name window comes up but I would be fairly certain it is just a JOptionPane created with Java code.

So I think you have a problem with your Java and active X controls. Do you know if it was updated recently? Windows or Java will notify you that an update is available or windows will do it through \automatic Update sometimes.

If it has been updated check what version you updated to you can use this link to check that one you have Java running and two what version it it:

Next go to the Java website and download the previous version I know that this version is working for me:
(you want the Java JRE download)

you can then follow the instructions given here to make sure there is only one clean version of Java running:

Hopefuly this will do it!!
> Liz
Hi Liz, Thanks for trying to help me out. I changed the Java to what you recommended and removed all other Java versions that were on my computer. Sorry to say it did not work. Still getting "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" for This is the site I am concerned about. My other sites are working, I just shared them because amit 1234 asked about them. With "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" the page obviously isn't even loading and so I can't get to the place of entering my un & pw. It seems really weird that some people can access the site and I can't. The site is not loading on the computers at my school either although it did come up there the first week I tried. It seems you are quite knowledgable about webspages. If you can come up with any other possible trouble shooting solutions I will give them a try. Again thanks for your efforts.
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Ok at this point there are only two more possible things I can think of and after that I'm all out.
-But first did you try the site in Fire Fox after sorting out Java (you have to download it again using FF because they are two different versions - the website detects what browser you are using automatically).

Ok you have said that it worked in your school a few weeks ago and you home a few weeks ago I would hazard a guess that you and the school have the same ISP (Internet service provider) it may be that they have updated the fire-walls built into your router and this is blocking the site - or alternatively they have chosen to block the site for some reason or another, call up your ISP and ask them to check if the site is blacklisted or blocked or if they have any explanation as to why this one particular address no longer works.

Second this is the last idea I have, try a system restore to a before the problem started. The restore will not alter any of your files or delete anything etc. It simply restores your systems operating files and settings to how they were set at that date.

Here is a guide to XP:

and here is one for vista:

If none of these options work I'm at a loss as to what it could possibly be or what could fix it! Sorry!
But let us know anyway - good luck
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please check program files for any blocking software.can you reveal address of website you are not able to access. I shall try to open from here and let you know. netfilter softwares are available to block websites which you do not want someone to access them from your computer.

Hi again,

Thanks you so much for your efforts to help me out.

This is the maintenance software I have AVG Free 8.0 &
Spybot Search & Destroy.

If I have anything that blocks sites I am not aware of it and do not know what it might be called if I somehow do have it. I have not purchased any software like that. Maybe you could share some names of common blocking software programs and I will check again.

Here is the website that I am trying to load It should bring up the webpage with a place to enter one's user name and password. After entering the correct user name and password it will access the next page with the training material for the program. I am still getting "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" so I can't even enter the un or pw. No Cash here for this little lady. Can't even get to the info. If you have a way of covering or deleting the webpage address after you give it a try that would be appreciated since it is a members only site. Thanks again.
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hi, NEED HELP TOO!! website won't load

did you ever find an answer to your problem??? I have the same for a single website. Interesting that it happened after loading AVG ... I just uninstalled that program and still the same problem....
Hello Everyone,

Well I finally found out what is causing the problem in my case. After trying all kinds of possible remedies with absolutely nothing working. I took my desktop into the computer shop for some other issues and also had them check out the problem of certain sites not loading.

We found that the sites would load on my computer at the computer repair store about two miles from my home. So they thought they had fixed the problem. So I brought the computer back home and the sites would not load at my house. The computer tech guy came to my house and spent about 3 hours going through every possible problem and nothing worked. So we called the internet service provider. They gave us the run around up front but finally we got to a second level tech person. The guy finally confirmed that the signal path to my house has a glitch somewhere along the way. Not at the original location server and not at my house, but somewhere in between the two points.

The tech guy wanted me to try the same thing with a lap top to confirm the problem and then call him back and then he said they would do something, if there was proof that the very same thing was happening with two different computers at the same location. Well I do not have access to a laptop and do not have the funds to purchase one at this time. So this problem for me is still hanging in the air after 6 months.

I would suggest if trying all options that could possibly be caused by your computer check with your internet provider. There is a chance that the signal never makes it to your location. If you are lucky enough to have two different computers to verify the problem then maybe they will get something done for you. Good Luck!
Ok. I had exactly the same problem as cash_queen. There was one site and all pages in its domain that I could not get to see, but will load up all other sites. And it is now solved. I think izzmasterg's message above was of gr8 help, although I didn't exactly follow his advice. I did something different and it worked because I realized what I did wrong. Let me explain.

First just the solution for the impatient:
I re-did a setup of my router (mine is linksys, so I simply goto from my browser to access the router's setup options) from a computer that was connected to the router via ethernet. I did not change any of the options, but simply clicked "submit" and then "continue". Then I restarted that and my other computer that connects via wireless. THAT IS IT. I am now able to access that site that was eluding me and all in its domain.

But what happened, you ask. Here is my take:
I have a linksys wireless router and two computers - one connected by ethernet and another by wireless. Now, when setting up the comps (I had just moved), I reset my wireless router (manually) and then did the router's setup using my computer that was connected via wireless (btw, for the fellow who said he doesn't have any software with his router, you don't need a software. Just the url for your router which is usually generic to the model - so all linksys routers use At any rate, that was a big no no. You are supposed to use an ethernet-connected comp to do setup, not a wirelessly connected comp. I think maybe this did it. Or maybe not.

Izzmasterg, you seem to know what you are talking about. Could you chime in? Do you think my theory about what went wrong holds water? I mean, I and my wife have many times simultaneously visited the same site using same router, but never have this happen. Could it be that setting up router using a wireless connection makes the router somehow vulnerable for a "band line" problem during simultaneous visits? I agree that for a specific site to be blocked like this, you do need something specific to that site such as simultaneous visits. But perhaps it also needs some other problem (e.g., setting up router via wiireless) to actually become a problem?

Just curious. Cash_queen, send some of that cash my way, if any of this works for you. I can understand how annoying it can be. Sheez.

Think I'm having the same problem at the moment... You might find it's not linked to a specific website but infact any site with https prefix that can't be opened. Have been looking around but not found a solution yet.
In case it was an IE problem I tried installing Google Chrome but couldn't install it as would get the following error code: 0x80072efd
Problem has arisen over the past week, coincidently inline with when I resubscribed to Avast having been running it for a year.
Any suggestions appreciated

ie stores the last webb page and will take you to the same web page regardless. go to ie properties and click on settings and check automatically and this should correct your problem.

Mine was set to "automatically" by default. I changed it to "everytime" and it worked.
Also, mine was SCE, so I knew it wasn't site related. Also, it was accesible in Firefox, just not in IE.
Hi~ I think I recently is having the same problem as u guys
i tried to access some website at home and they won't be able to load >.<
anyone have any idea how to solves this problems I tried all those website on about 4 different computer at home and none of them will display the pages and here are the links that it wouldn't load "" and "" there might be more website that I am not aware of yet but I tried it on my friends house internet and schools and different places internet they all works fine even the laptop that I use at school it work but when I get home it couldn't work so am pretty sure is either the problem with my modem or router. Help please :(
Sup all. I have the same problem i'm trying to open but I get this error:FastCGI Error
The FastCGI Handler was unable to process the request.

Error Details:

* The FastCGI process has failed frequently recently. Try the request again in a while
* Error Number: -2147467259 (0x80004005).
* Error Description: Unspecified error

HTTP Error 500 - Server Error.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Plese help
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I encountered the same problem this morning and this forum was pretty darn useful. After reading through all the suggested advice I thought I would try simply turning off my modem for a little while. I guess my router must reset itself when its turned back on because right now everything is working fine! Not sure if this helps anyone, but it might be worth a shot."

That worked a charm for me..

Simple things are often the answer .
thanks for the idea Boingflip :)
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netdog admin is software which blocks websites as per the desire of computer administrator. The server of said website is password protected and is accessible to members only. Even website welcome page does not open from here. you might have been using this website in the past. From the name of the website, it appears that it makes its users richer. kindly tell me how does this benefit users.

Hi Amit 1234
Thank you so much for trying to help me . Geez, this is getting so frustrating. Even the computer pros are challenged by this one. I am not sure what you meant by the Netdog admin software. Is that somethine the website administrator uses or something I need to get?

Yes I know the website is for members only but the login page should come up and then the us & pw are entered to get to the information. I used the webpage two or three time the first week I joined the program. But have not been able to access it since. I paid my fees so that should not be a problem. The website is about earning cash from home. My main websites for this are & The website I can't access is which is essentially the back office training area for the program.

My son lives in a different city and was able to get the site to come right up when he tried, so can my upline. That is what is driving me up the wall. It should be working for me too.

People make good money with the program, and someone who reads this thread just could be very interested once we get the problem solved. Cashless_Queen with Frizzy Hair in Houston
Sometimes when viewing certain sites where it is possible to download or upload quantities of material it is possible you accidently have messed up your firewalls and networking settings try restoring the settings to default and re-applying whatever options that you need in place
Ok, I don't know if this was ever resolved, but I am running into the same problem.

In my case the site is ""

I used to be able to get to it. But now it doesn't work on my laptop. Works for everyone else, just not me. I wonder if there is a list of blocked sites in IE, that I might have added this to. I have tried looking for such a list, but I was not successful.

I should also point out that in my case, the site does not require a login ID or Password.

For what it's worth, I also have AVG for my virus scan software. Is this a coincidence? Or is there something to that?

Also, the original site that was referenced - I was able to get to it (well, as far as the the login screen anyway).

I have been pulling my hair out for a week - I run a website and I couldn't get on it (and what about my visitors???).

I have been running the website for four years without a problem, then a couple of months ago I changed to a new host server, Cirtex - they are a big outfit.

Over the past week I have been in constant communication (over 60 emails) with their support because of the slowness of their server, but they gave me the runaround, saying they have 'tweeked' their server and for me to try again.

Yesterday I was blocked from my own website - I could only access it through a proxy server. After a couple more emails I received a reply:

"I have removed your IP address from firewall blocklist and it was blocked due to 651 simultaneous connections from your IP address. Please scan your local machine and check your ISP connections."

This morning I can access the site without any problems - so can one of my website's visiors who had the same problem.

Needless to say my website is on the move again to another hosting company.
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Ok, I discovered one more piece to this puzzle, thanks to HackZombie's suggestion.

When my modem is connected to my router, I am not able to access one web site.

However, I connected the modem directly to my laptop, and the web site works great!

I have a call/email into the router tech support folks, and supposedly they will send me instructions how to adjust my router's firewall so that I can access the site when I am wireless. Still not sure what changed, or what I did to change it, but I wanted to at least share this bit of information.

Hopefully this will help someone else with the same problem!!