Top French movies and series on Netflix to watch right now

Top French movies and series on Netflix to watch right now

Are you tired of American and British movies and looking for something different? Très bien, here is a selection of the best French movies and series on Netflix right now: from classics to the latest releases.

Thicker Than Water (2023)

Created and directed by Nawell Madani and Simon Jablonka, "Thicker Than Water" ("Jusqu'ici tout va bien" in original) is a series that follows an up-and-coming television journalist who must team up with her brothers to return two million euros to a drug lord. As expected, Fara's life, the up-and-coming journalist, is thrown into chaos when she tries to protect her brother from the authorities and unwittingly involves her family in the cruel machinations of a dangerous drug trafficker. To prevent the situation from getting worse, Fara and her sisters must unite and use all means necessary to raise two million euros in record time before the end of Ramadan and settle the debt with the drug lord. Watch "Thicker Than Water" on Netflix.

Represent (2023)

This comedy series follows Stéphane, a married, childless man who lives in a lower-class neighborhood in Paris. He is a black guy, simple and idealistic, and is in charge of a social center where he is dedicated to helping unemployed young people so that they do not fall into delinquency. When the presidential elections are approaching and the candidate of the left, Eric Andrei, is campaigning in Stéphane's neighborhood, Stéphane stands up to him and talks to him about the needs of the people and the lies and failures of the past. As the television cameras picked up live face-to-face, Stéphane quickly became a celebrity. So he decides to accept the proposal and run for the French presidential elections so that, at least in this way, his ideas will have some repercussions. Watch "Represent" on Netflix.

Off The Hook (2022)

Faced with the toxicity of their relationship with the Internet, Léa and Manon, who are cousins and roommates, decide to do a digital detox for a month. Thus, one will use these thirty days to stop obsessing on the networks with her ex, while the other will use them to forget a bad pass on an Insta live ... Easier said than done, especially when the family gets involved. This challenge will become a real adventure since, as we all know, it is virtually impossible to escape from the Internet and its networks. Luckily, Léa and Manon will not be alone during this month but will have each other to encourage each other and not let themselves fall into temptation. This social and behavioral experiment will bring out old demons, but it will also bring the two women closer than ever. Watch "Off The Hook" on Netflix.

Black Butterflies (2022)

At the end of his life, Albert Desiderio decided to tell his story. Secluded in a villa in the Rubaix region near the Belgian border, Albert suffers from an illness that threatens his memories. He is afraid of forgetting Solange, the woman who was the center of his life. In order to treasure the memory that is slipping away, Albert hires writer Adrien Winckler to write his autobiography. Adrien is 40 years old and a struggling novelist who works as a ghostwriter to make ends meet. Gradually, as he writes Albert's memoirs, Adrien realizes that the incredible love story the old man had with Solange during the 1970s turns out to be the confession of a couple of serial killers. Between fascination and revulsion, Adrien has no choice but to recognize that the terrible story would make a very good novel... Watch "Black Butterflies" on Netflix.

Athena (2022)

"Athena" by Romain Gavras is a tense and raw story that poses a social denunciation of police abuse. After the death of a child under strange circumstances, members of the Athena neighborhood, led by Karim, start a violent confrontation against the police that inspires more civilians and spreads throughout France. Karim's brothers, Abdel and Moktar, will be involved in the wave of events. Romain Gavras (son of the famous director Costa-Gavras) builds a drama inspired by the structure of Greek tragedies. Thus, the prologue executes an intense opening in which the different perspectives of the brothers are known. The opera and the chorus, scattered throughout the story, will enhance with contrasting beauty the rawness of the conflict, as everything takes place in the midst of violent attacks that begin at the police station and continue in the Athena neighborhood, a unit of buildings that houses a Muslim social class that is a victim of inequality and racism. Watch "Athena" on Netflix.

The Takedown (2022)

"The Takedown" reunites a pair of cops,  played by Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte. They start a drug deal investigation that turns out to be a high scale criminal case with lots of dangers and good jokes. It is a sequel to the 2012 movie 'On the Other Side of the Tracks.' Watch "The Takedown" on Netflix

Restless (2022)

Because not all of the French film industry is about romance and love, Netflix added to its catalog an action thriller. For connoisseurs, the movie is the remake of the Korean film "A Hard Day"; for the rest of us – the story goes like this: Frank Gastambide is a corrupt cop who, after covering up an accident, loses control of his life when he starts receiving threats from a mysterious witness... And you, how many camemberts would you sell yourself for? Watch "Restless" on Netflix.

Bigbug (2022)

From Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of the legendary French film "Amélie" comes "Bigbug". This dystopian sci-fi satire is set in the year 2045. Artificial intelligence has become omnipresent, so much so that humanity depends on it, even to satisfy its most ardent desires... But everything goes to hell when four domestic robots kidnap their owners in their homes. Trapped between four walls, a dysfunctional family, an indiscreet neighbor, and her sexual android, they will be forced to endure increasingly delirious situations. Meanwhile, a generation of advanced robots, "the Yonyx" will try to conquer the world. Watch "Bigbug" on Netflix.

Family Business (2021)

If you haven't seen this series yet, what are you waiting for? The Hazan family has been running a kosher butcher shop in the center of Paris for decades, but the business is in free fall. When the time comes to pass the rod to the next generation, Joseph, the eldest son, wants nothing to do with the business. But when he learns from a "safe" source that the French government is about to legalize marijuana, he convinces the family (grandma included) to change the line of business... One of the best French comedies of recent times that already has three seasons. Watch "Family Business" on Netflix.

Lupin (2021)

The French series "Lupin" is an action-mystery thriller that follows the story of Assane Diop (played by Omar Sy), a man who seeks revenge against a wealthy family that destroyed his father's life. Inspired by the fictional character of "Arsène Lupin, white collar thief" created by French writer Maurice Leblanc, Assane becomes an expert thief and uses his skills to infiltrate the Pellegrini family and reveal the truth behind an injustice. As the plot progresses, it is discovered that the Pellegrini family has links to a massive robbery that took place years ago at the Louvre Museum and for which Assane's father was unfairly blamed. "Lupin" is a thrilling series that combines action and mystery to tell a story of revenge, justice, and loyalty. Thanks to its ingenious script, this series is an excellent choice for fans of the thriller genre. Watch "Lupin" on Netflix.

I Am Not an Easy Man (2018)

Damien, a single Casanova, finds himself thrown into a matriarchal society where everything is different: men fight for their rights, women rule the world, and all the roles are reversed. He falls in love with a young writer Alexandra, who is famous for being a heartbreaker for many men. It's a funny French movie, definitely worth watching. Will Damien find a way to the previous world where everything was as before? Watch "I Am Not an Easy Man" on Netflix

Nothing to Hide (2018)

Three couples of friends meet for dinner and wait for their friend to bring his new girlfriend. Unfortunately, he arrives alone, so they don't get to meet her. They start playing a game during dinner to make the evening more fun. All 7 have to place their phones on the table and read anything on anyone's phone aloud. This is how all the secrets got uncovered. Watch "Nothing to Hide" on Netflix

Call My Agent! (2015–2020) 

The series follows the lives of agents working in a big cinema company in Paris and taking care of big French and international cinema stars and promising emerging actors. It's an exciting view of what the movie business looks like and how these professionals live, suffer, and fall in love. A curious and funny show that has been extended for 4 seasons starring Camille Cottin, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Cécile de France, and other stars. Watch "Call My Agent!" on Netflix.

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