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Hello, pls kindly get me automatic internet connection activation on my phone.The type of phone am using is Donod( 2.0 mega pixles

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This can be done by contacting your network service provider! Just call and they will send you the automatic configuration!
I worked on a project to run a user's logon script whenever they connected our network over VPN. To do this, I wrote a helper unit that retrieves adapter info and stores it into a simple record.

I then setup up a registry notification (see here for how to do that in Delphi: link text

The registry notification was on "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces". This notification event fires every time Windows obtains a new IP address, or makes any type of change to an adapters connection information. When this event fired, I called the function (in the code below) to retrieve updated information about the adapter. I compared this new information to my previously recorded information...meaning I had to save the previous adapter info query in order to know if something had changed.