Creating batch file in Windows 10.

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Sir, I request you to kindly help me to solve my problem please.
Sir, i tried to create a batch file from text document giving command as xys.bat. But it does not work. how can I create a batch file ? Is there any other solution to create a batch file , is there any requirement of change the setting in the PC ? can you please help me .Thanks.

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Open notepad > File > Save As > give the name <name<.bat and file type to "all files".
Thank you

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Thanks sir. It really works.
Sir, as I have already tried this method and not found the result, I have referred to your community, so that I can get the correct answer and I can create batch file. I think there is something wrong with the setting and it is resulting in not creating the batch file. is it possible to change the setting to enable to create batch file ? Thank you for your suggestions but it is not working . Is there any thing which can be tried ?
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Create the file.
Go to My PC
Go to View > Folder View > Select the option to SHOW FILE EXTENSIONS
Go back to your file, you will see it will say filename.txt

rename the .txt to .bat