Device doesn't support this SanDisk SD card

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I bought a new phone (Gionee p8w) and 32gb memory card... I inserted the memory card in the phone and it ask me to format since it's a new card... So I choose 'use as internal storage' during formatting... But after using the memory card in the Gionee p8w as the phone internal memory for about six months (from October 2017 - April 2018) that I have this problem. I guess how it all started was when the memory was low and I always come across clear junk files to free up memory in power clean (Antivirus and phone cleaner app) ,,, an application that I installed from play store...

So on April this year (2018) I decided to clear my junk files using the power clean... I notice I can't received file from Xender at first and I was thinking my phone memory was still low,,, so the was no reason for me to panic and this happened few days after clearing my phone junk files... And a day after,,, I try snapping with my phone and I was unable,,, that was when I was afraid,,, thinking maybe I have turned some settings that may have restrict me from saving something into the memory because I later have enough space after junk files clearing... So I decided to reset my phone settings,,, but after the reset and my phone reboot,,, I had a notification saying that,,, this device doesn't support this SanDisk SD card,,, that I should touch to set up in a supported format...

I tried formatting by touching it,,, it took me to a platform to set up my SanDisk SD card into a) use as portable storage or b) use as internal phone storage... When I click a) it will start formatting and load up to 20% and after some secs it will tell me formatting complete but with everything still like the way it was... And the b) is saying its could erase all the data on the memory card if I continue... After clicking format,,, it will report unable to erase data and this error message on the screen (command '10 partition volume disk:179,128 private' failed with '400 10 command failed')...

Please help...

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Sep 11, 2018 at 08:12 AM
Sounds like your card is faulty.

I would contact San Disk for a replacement if it's still under warranty.

if not, purchase another card.