Toshiba P75A had a Fire-Like Surge to my Tv

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Monday September 10, 2018
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September 10, 2018
I am still in shock after my Toshiba sent a huge red fire-like surge through the HDMI cable to my Television.I am happy that no one was hurt and an actual fire did not happen.. My entire living room smelled as if I had an electronic fire and the HDMI cable is burnt as well as the back of my television where the HDMI cable inserts.

My computer will turn on, however, it will not boot. I do not have a recovery disk, so I am not having any success. I am hoping I can at least get information off of my backup drives, but they do not help in booting. I am wondering if its the motherboard or something else. Please Help!!

Also, Toshiba had a recall on the battery pack, however, the system did the check and said my battery was fine and I did not need to replace it. I always complained of my laptop getting so hot that I could not put it on my lap, but the Toshiba service station and the Technician said no worries.
I have tried everything and I keep getting the "RESTART NO BOOTABLE DRIVE"
I went into the BIOS and tried setting back to defaults, however, I did notice it is not listing my hardrive.
Any suggestions??
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Monday February 1, 2010
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November 22, 2018
Thank you
Hello Carolyn,

First I believe that the Toshiba tech was incompetent. A laptop must never get hot like it did.

Actually I think that you purchased a lemon.

Toshiba is liable for the damages.

Obviously the surge caused serious damage and we are not able to tell you here as physical testing is required.

A qualified technician could probably recover information from the drives.

Good luck
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