L4d, dell inspiron 1525

 inspiron owner -
I got a new laptop, dell inspiron 1525 and bought left 4 dead. Now i put the game in my new computer and run it. it loads fine, until the game actually starts then at times the lag with be so bad thats its not fun to play at all! can anyone help me with this? The game runs fine, i just need to fix this lag!!!!!! :(

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I have the same computer and I just started playing L4D too.. and basically the integrated graphics card just isn't good enough to play the game. It is definitely the bottle neck in why the game play isn't that good. If you want to play graphics intensive games it's much better to invest in a gaming machine, or at least one with a dedicated graphics card. The lag can be slightly minimized if you assign less memory to running vista graphics and you change the visual settings on the game to be on low for everything.