CPU ez boot error

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I've built a new PC and have got myself really stumped.
When I turn the PC on all fans kick in (good)
CPU ez boot led turns on and stays (not good) CPU not detected or failed I believe.

Here's the bit I'm stumped on, if I now plug a USB keyboard into one of the two 3.0 slots the CPU led goes out and the boot sequence carries on to full boot.
Windows and Games run fine no problems.
If I then switch off my computer and restart as usual leaving the keyboard plugged in we are now back to not detecting the CPU. If I then remove the keyboard and plug back in it finishes the boot again.

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 72.0.3626.105

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Ok problem solved.
After more investigation of stripping down the casing for the on - off switch and USB 3.0 I found the cables twisted badly together, I know this shouldn't make a difference with them both having protective insulation covering the wire but when I seperated the power button cable from the USB cable and then booted up there was no problem.
I built the casing back up making sure the cables went in different paths and did not touch and rebooted again no problem.
I connected the keyboard to the USB 3.0 to see if that trigger a reset as it had sometimes in the past, no problems now.
It has now been a couple of weeks and no more problems have occurred so the cables somehow must have been contaminating each other.

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Mar 12, 2019 at 01:42 PM
Good job!