How can I get more Instagram engagement?

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 Blocked Profile - May 2, 2019 at 11:21 AM
I was wondering how I can increase the followers, likes and comments for my Instagram profile.
Thank you!

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 73.0.3683.103

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Recently there was a new app released which allows Instagram users to follow, like and comment each other. Everytime you follow, like or comment someone he has to follow, like or comment back to keep engaging. If he doesn't within 24 hours you can un-follow, -like, -comment him using the app. It's called InEngage and you can currently find it in the Google play store.
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Hey, if you are interested in a telegram engagement group don’t hesitate to join
Umm,be interesting.

I have an idea, get good at an actual skill.

This really isnt a technical issue, so we really cant speak of how to manage your social media profiles. It is what it is!

Please understand, just because you have a bunch of bots following you, you will never get feedback, or be engaged by any of them, as they are not real, and really just a tally number! No value! I think you are missing the point of what social media is for. It is about providing engaging content for your followers. If your followers arent really paying attention to what you are doing(because they are reaaly just bits that you signed up for), you are only kidding yourself!