Instagram two-step verification for every login

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I would like to ask about the issue I am facing.
Right now I have one business account shared with two other staffs.
My question is, I already setup a two-step verification, but it seems that Instagram remember the device that was last logged in to the same account.

In other words, when one person logout and login again, it doesn't go through two-step verification and is just given access to enter the account.
This is not good for me, because I change my password from time to time, and I want the staffs to get code (two-step) from me every time they login.

Am I missing something?
Is there any solution to this?

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Its called stop sharing passwords and ids. I am certain you are violating the terms of service by sharing this information! Not a good way to do business!!!!

This is not a technical probkem, it is an account management one. You are not managing your account correctly. It is that simple!!!

Btw, ypu cant do anyrhing about your staff selecting the checkbox that says "remember me on this device for 30 days!". That is a staffing issue! Issue a policy that FORBIDS YOUR STAFF FROM SELECTING THAT OPTION. You inform them that if you catch them, they are fired!!! Once again, not a technical problem, but a policy enforcement one.


Jul 31, 2019 at 01:39 AM
I dont agree to your opinion though. We have business and we have staffs to do things. It is not about the account management issue, it is just like that normally nowadays.
This is technical issue purely, because it just makes more sense to have two-step login for every login... or at least, provide an option TO FORGET DEVICES, just like how some other social media are doing (Twitter for example).

Because what if your phone is stolen or you are changing your phone, surely you would want the old device to be forgotten by the app.
You said it yourself, it is just how things are done nowadays! Then do business that way! Still not a technical issue!!!!

So, insta does not provide a "remember me" check box? If the option isnt there, it isnt a technical issue, it is a development one!! Insta isnt developed to maturity! So what is a free forum supposed to do about insta inmaturity?
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Jul 31, 2019 at 09:35 AM
Oh yea one more thing, I am certain not too many companies give out the username and password for their social media platform accounts to multiple people. Typically there is one managing editor, who posts after approving!!!

So, have fun with that operational model, how is it working so far? Once again not a technical matter!