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 Anees -
I haven't used my PC in the past three days and it was working absolutely fine last time. But today when I booted my pc there's no signal on the monitor at all. Tried a different monitor, different connection cables (HDMI and DP), reset CMOS also tried a different ram along with doing the static discharge method of holding the power button but nothing resolved the issue. Everything is running fine and no dust issues but still all of a sudden monitor showing no signal error and doesn't even show the Mobo OEM logo on boot and goes black. My GFX is only 2 months old so I didn't swapped it but everything else which could be culprit causing this issue.
What are your suggestions?

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Have you tried another video (graphic)card ?
Thank you

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I don't have a spare graphic card with me so I swapped the other parts I had in spare which were monitor and ram coz I haven't sold the used ones after the upgrade. At the moment I'm suspecting Graphics card and my power supply unit, I wish I had spare ones to try and do more troubleshooting. Today I also replaced CMOS battery with a new one coz the silver colour on the old one seems to have faded but replacing CMOS didn't helped resolve the issue.

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