Yahoo does not recognized my yahoo id [Solved/Closed]

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It create a lot of problem it donot recognize my yahoo id and my phone number also
Its been 3days my facebook has been hacked or
There is alot of documnent in my facebook

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 76.0.3809.111

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It is lost. Yahoo delete email accounts that arent active after a year. if you did not attach a mobile nunber to your facebook, there is no way to get the account back. Sorry.
Thank you

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So please recognize my yahoo id
There is alot of memory n moments in my facebook which i donot want lose
So please help me to open my facebook through yahoo od????????
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When was the last time you logged into yahoo?


But my facebook is hacked in August 26 2019
So please help me to recover facebook
If this link doesnt help, We cannot help with this matter.

This is not a technical issue. Account management is not a technical problem. No amount of instruction can fix this. Please please please read and understand!

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