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My machine was working just fine within four hours ago then i had to restart because there is a program i was installing needed a restart after that the monitor came up with the massage saying"No signal" i unplug everything and reconnected it again but still nothing, i also use other video card still shows no signal there is no even a beeps sound on the motherboard anymore. i tried everything now i am clueless can please anyone help me.this a client machine he need urgently.


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Hye this is due to your memory modules, just remove them clean with towel then put it back again!
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did it worked? cause i have a nvidia 9800gtx + and a nforce 780i and 2 corshair twinx 2gb each and i get that... every reboot after a software install... or simple rebot my monitor gives a "No Imput Signal" and nothing happen... i need to hold the power button to shut it down... then turn it on again after a couple of minutes then its ok so i dunno wtf is that about...