Two-factor Auth issue - instagram (after switching phones)

Anonymous User - Updated on Jun 5, 2023 at 12:24 PM

I recently got a new Android phone, and it logged me out of Instagram. I entered by username/password and is now asking for 2FA code (which I had enabled on my Instagram account a while back). I thought that this meant that I needed to confirm my identity with both an email and having a code sent to me via text (my cell phone is not blocking any notifications from Instagram). Turns I need to scan a QR code from Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator.

I downloaded both apps; I had created a QR code (on my laptop) for my Instagram access; but EVERY time I try to scan the code from my cell phone, it’s giving me this error:

Duo Mobile 

“No Internet Connection: A Wi-Fi or cellular network connection is required. Please check you internet settings”. Now, I have tried this while on Wi-Fi (and sitting right next to the router), and on my network, which is 5G and continually get the above message.”

Google Authenticator 

“Error: Cannot interpret QR code”.

I went to and created one for Instagram: - I even tried with “https://www.“ before the rest of it.

When I scan that code with my regular QR Code reader, it takes me to my login page (correctly).

Is there a way that I can also reach out to instagram and ask them to turn 2FA off? 

I have tried almost everything that has been suggested on Google. I have officially lost my mind! LOL

Please help!

Windows / Chrome