Keeps asking for internet address

 Pete -
mate since i knocked out my grey wire from the router i now have to use my linksey card to connect because my built in toshiba tecra 9001 lap top card keeps showing the words accuiring internet address I have reached the divice manager where one can see the card device but i dont show anything about it being wrong unless im not seeing it right and when i went to click roll over any way it then gave me a warning if i did this so discontinued any suggestions

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You problem is very simple it is a internet protocol configuration that is causing this conflit.

Go to your Network connection status :

Select Properties - Internet Protocol ( TCP /IP )

Make sure that your configuration is set in a way that you computer obtains IP automatically.

It should work.

Also it may be a cable problem or an external problem ..
Hi thanks for the advice but they were all already showing tick on what about this business of updating the driver what does that do or can it be risky?