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I got a new phone with a new number and new emails. No old email is on my device. I downloaded fb and instagram and was going to make new accounts. Fb was successful, no issues. However, instagram automatically signed me into an old account that is not affiliated with any of my information on this device. How did that happen??

Edit: I did, however, sign into my old iCloud on this device to get my Spotify account ([I did so because my old Spotify was created with “apple” option] I did not merge or transfer any of my data when prompted to) I removed the account from this device and logged back into my new iCloud. If some of the data from my old iCloud did stay on this device, why didn’t it log me into the fb that was linked the the instagram it signed me into? How can I find any remaining data and remove it off this phone?​​​​​​​
iPhone / Safari 17.4.1

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There could be a couple of reasons for this. First, Instagram may have automatically logged you in to your old account if you had saved your login info on the Instagram app in your old device. When you install Instagram on your new phone, it may retrieve this information and log you in to that account again. Second, if you logged into your old iCloud on your new device, some data from your old Instagram account might have been restored, especially if you had iCloud backups enabled for the Instagram app on your old device.

To find and remove any remaining data from your old iCloud account on your new device, you can try going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage), where you'll see a list of all your apps and their data. Here, you can delete the data for specific apps. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, tap Manage Storage, then tap iCloud storage. You can select and delete any backups or data from here.

As for Facebook, it's hard to say why it didn't also log you in to your old account. Facebook and Instagram work differently and handle login info and user data differently as well. It's also possible that you didn't have your Facebook login info saved on your old device, or that you didn't have iCloud backups enabled for Facebook.