Dell d600 when turn on green lights flash

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Hello, my dell d600 when I turn it on sometimes it turns on fine but sometimes when I turn it on the lights go green for about secinds apearing as though its turning on but then shut off and it doesnt turn on it happenes over and over every time I press it and sometimes when I have the charger in the battery light flashes green periodically do I need a new battery?

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Try this. Press down hard on the f7 and f8 keys while trying to turn it on. Some if it does turn on then odds are that the solder joints on the bios chip (which is below the f7/f8 keys) are bad. You can try to touch it up yourself, but it is not an easy job.

As far as I can tell the d600/600m have this issue a lot.
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You're gold, that was the problem with my D600. It works for now.. :)
THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!! it works for now
Thanks so much, it worked :)
The problem may be caused by heat damage to one or both of the RAM slots on the motherboard or defective slots. Reseating the RAM may work. You can try taking RAM stick B out and boot with just A and vice versa. You can also try different RAM in he slots as the RAM may be bad. Placing a small piece of rubber on the cover plate over RAM slot A, B or both seems to have worked for many. I found many solutions that worked on the link below

I would like to add that the reason for the rubber is it puts pressure on the RAM so it makes better contact

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My D600 has done this for like 2 years. It finally gave up. I did the F7,F8 while pressing the power button, and it seemed to work. I remove the keyboard, screen and took the case apart to investigate and found that the connector for the power board was broken from the motherboard, and unless you have some specialized soldering tools and proper eye wear so you can see the TINY broken solder joints, you won't be able to fix this problem.
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remove the battery and the plug it back again.

if the same thing happens, get the battery replaced.

if this does not fix the problem, then it may be an internal problem.

contact your local Dell dealer for support.