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 lynn1013 -

My HP laptop has recently gone dead on me. No response from the power button at all. What is odd is that the power supply light is brightly lit when plugged into the wall, but once it is connected to the computer, the light begins to flash at a very dim level. It seems like some sort of short, hopefully something just where the power input is in the laptop. When the cord is wiggled a bit, it also sounds like a somehting is loose and sitting incorrectly just inside the computer

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey Kyle,

I actually solved my problem a while ago. I too thought it was the power supply, and took it to Best Buy, where for free they just plugged in a different power supply with no change to the computer. That left the internal connection, so I opened the case (which was quite easy to do) and the place where the power cord connects to the motherboard has a small silver housing. I just kinda wiggled mine around until the light of the power supply came on again, and put it all back together. No problems since.

Hopefully that might work for you.
Thank you

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i've got a HP dv6000. last couple of days my power chord has been acting up, until eventually breaking altogether yesterday. The laptop side of the transformer had frayed. So the Engineer in me decided to try cut out the frayed section and reassembe the wire. Lots of sparks and mild electric shocks later I had no real success, so today I went out and spent 70euro on a universal laptop charger. It is a variable voltage one so I set it to the specified 19V and plugged it into my laptop. The blue circular light around the power cable inlet iluminates but the lightneing bolt symbol at the front of the laptop that signals if the battery is charging stays off.

so I assume ive fried something inside while messing with the original cable! unless anyone can offer some other sugestion or course of action??

Thanks lads
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Having similar issues...Will try new power supply then the surgery begins. Thx everyone for the input!
Thanks. I will give this a try.
I took my computer to two places and was told it couldn't be repaired. I took it apart and looked at videos about possible fixes. I was a little scared, but plugged it in with the back off and wiggled the cord. OMG!!! It came on! I had bought a similar computer and didn't like it nearly as much. I can't wait to return it and get my $700+ back. Thank you so much!

Hi there,

Please get through the below steps provided in the below Kioskea FAQ article.


help hp 2000 no power light is on the charger is ok help
This happened to me and the power cord had a short in it, I replaced the power cord and it worked fine.
We bought a hp laptop from Argos in October last year and in February it started turning off for no reason. until one day it never turned on. We contacted hp they collected computer and after 5 days returned computer. They left the laptop in test mode and despite long conversations on the phone they were unable to solve this so had to send another courier to collect the laptop again?. We have been promised a new laptop with a new warranty for 18 months. Waiting in for delivery!!!! Hp have a lot to answer for!!!!!!