WIfi Radio disabled of my laptop how turn on.

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i have NEC versapro va11j laptop. problem is I have internal wireless lan card in my laptop. but icon in taskbar shows that radio disabled for your network adapter. there is no visible network adapter button on outer side of laptop nor inside I checked. how to turn on it. please help me . note: wireless lan card is ok and it shows device working properly in device manager with updated drivers.

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i had the same problem..
i enabled the wireless by Double-clicking the wireless switch icon in the taskbar.
The Wireless Device Switch window appears.
Thank you

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on my dell inspiron, F2 toggles the radio on and off.
thanx so much Tom. This solved the prob on my Dell. U rock.
Even though my quick keys shows that is should be FN F2 it doesnt work I even tried the online keyboard to see if that would make a difference
Thanks Tom... My dell had the F2 radio button also. :)
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this is because there is no wifi device in the laptop.

thank you.
sorry sir.but you are wrong . there is internal wifi lan card in my pc. installed properly. justit shoes "turn on radion of your wireless device" . there is no option in windows to enable it nor in software utility of wlan.
tell me the solution. please
> aryans14
go 2 manage wireless option den wi fi n der u vl find radio button enable it n it vl b fine
it is my problem too there is no way to turn on my wi-fi connection if any one knows how to enable my wi-fi utility I will be gratefull