Wireless Switch not working Sony Vaio

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Hi I downgraded my Sony Vaio from Windows 7 to XP professional, now Wireless switch is not working. I tried everything told on this forum, but nothing seems working.

Kindly help.

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For all VAIO issues with the wireless switch not working after downgrading, reinstalling or updating.

Do the following:
  • 1. Disconnect the power cord from the VAIO laptop/netbook
  • 2. Shutdown the computer via START/"shutdown option"
  • 3. Remove the VAIO laptop/netbook battery, wait for 3-5 minutes
  • 4. Put back the battery, make sure the wireless switch is on
  • 5. Connect the power cord, if you need to, then turn on your computer.
  • 6. Drivers will finally install properly(you will see the popup notifications), wait until it is done, then the wireless light will come on...That's it !
Thank you

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Thanks a lot.
Tried installing so many components, but nothing else worked.
My Sony Vaio not getting connected to wifi after upgrading from Windows 7 to 10. I couldn't find a physical switch for it. I am not able to turn on its soft switch from network settings
Although I followed the instruction, "WLAN" led did not turn on...
When turn on my vaio, I just plug out power cord, "WLAN" led turn on!!!!!
It worked exactly like you said. Thanks
> leonf3rd
Follwed these instructions, wif led illuminated but then switched off.