Laptop, and keyboard/mouse problems [Closed]

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Monday October 5, 2009
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October 6, 2009
 danimal -
i have a HP g60 laptop, and since yesterday the keyboard has been not working right, the problems are listed below
when i type a letter, like "N", a series of numbers will appear instead "nhy6jm7"

the backspace sends the page back, and the space bar resfreshes the page

when the letters do work, they are ty backwards

if i can type a complete sentence, when im done, the typing bar skips back to the begining

the laptop mouse, also will not move the scroll bar, or whenit does, the page is automatically scrolled to the bottom
when i highlight a icon with the mousepad it blinks repeatedly , and when i attempt to sellect it, it selects the program next to it

more info:
when i looked at the device manager it said the mouse/keyboard were working properly

as well eairlier today the the computer crashed and had to do a system restore, the same problems are still there

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Friday May 15, 2009
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October 7, 2010
hi there,

do you get this problem on internet only

or on notepad,word etc..

please provide more information

I have the same problem and the HP Site has no option for the Windows 7 Operating system when you search for drivers. Anybody found a workaround?!?

I miss my scroll... like they say... you never know what you've got til it's gone ;-(


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