Sound stopped working on firefox

 Mili -
i open any website and I have no sound. video works but no audio. I tried on youtube and everything. I have vista. Can someone help me?

It worked fine until yesterday.

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hi there,

do these steps:

open your browser

browse any website that has video

open your sound setting in control panel

open volume control>mixer

raise the volume for browser

or right click on volume icon on taskbar and open mixer

Thank you

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Hi, I have a similar problem with Firefox, I can stream videos from Hulu or Netflix fine, but sometimes the browser will go blank, and then the video will come back with no sound. I have t shut down Firefox and start back again and then it will work.
I checked the sound mixer, and did a registry and cookie cleaning but it did not help.
Any suggestions?
thanks,was very helpful
thanks! I checked the sound settings and saw tht there was some muted sound playing from my bluetooth just disabled it.. and now its working fine.......
thanks dude!!
its working...