Modern Warfare 2 Online Cant Find Matchs whyy [Solved/Closed]

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i cant find match its been on for hours but still cant find one match helppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeee please im soooooooo boredddd x
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Hey guys, I've read over all of these questions and answers and there is a huge variety of each. It's not the new stimulus package because I haven't downloaded it yet. And Although having an open NAT over strict or moderate NAT is much better, It's not that either, because mine has been open for ever and it's been strict also and it didn't make all that much difference. My uPnP is enabled, I'm forwarding the ports, and I've also tried resetting my modem back to default and setting it back up, nothing. I don't think It's the update either because I've even cleared my cache and nothing. And I don't know what you people are talking about deleting the update and it working because you can NOT play the game without the updates, but that doesn't exclude the update from being the cause of this issue. And also since you can play just fine on other games such as Halo,WAW, MW1, etc. and your computer works fine with your connection, it's not your internet connection, or any setting for that matter, because if it was, you wouldn't be able connect to X-box live or Ps3, period. With such an enormous number of people with this issue on both X-box AND Ps3, and this issue being around since the game came out last year in Nov, it is looking like a problem with servers. You have to figure with as many people playing MW2, that there are going to be server problems. Also with all these people and non-dedicated servers and very few ports, there is bound to be some connectivity issues while in matchmaking especially with the slower connections, but it shouldn't last for days like this, lol. This happened to me last month and I thought it was the X-box so I sent it in for repair. Got a new X-box back 3 days ago and it worked, until 4 hours ago. I would try joining a match and it would look for matches up to 75% or so and start over and over and over again. I would then enter a recent player's game, but even then I would begin lagging and it gradually got worse. Can't get a hold of a customer support agent for X-box at the moment due to them being closed and most ISP's don't deal in gaming connectivity problems.... Has anyone tried asking a technician for X-box? I'm going to do that ASAP tomorrow, Or maybe I'm going to try and figure out a way to talk to an Infinity Ward representative or Tech. OR just go back to MW1 and WAW until the issue is resolved, lol. I'll keep you guys posted if I figure anything out.

Thank you, xbox live gamer tag: xox cal xox 205

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My son always plays this game and it works fine when he brings it to my house but at his moms it just searches for matches unless he gets an invite from a friend which is pretty strange. I am a network tech here in florida and have read alot of posts of different things that don't seem to be the problem. It always works at my house so I don't see how an update would have anything to do with it. It did work at his moms house one day about a week ago which is the first day he hooked it up over there. He has only had xbox live about a month. One thing that could make sense is that it is a bandwith issue over here I have brighthouse which is internet via cable modem and I have about a 7 meg package for bandwith. She has dsl lite which I think is around 768k so would be very possible the speed of the internet connection is causing this problem, and the problem with dsl is the further your away form the trunk the slower your speed is compared to someon closer and amount of users at a given time will bog it down. That could be why some work at certain times and not other times. Could work fine in middle of day but not in the evening when everyone is online. This is just a thought I am going to test this out by trying to connect over there at different times. Like I said it works at my house all the time but I have a very fast internet connection.
Exactly. It's how they have their servers setup. As of right now they have few servers and none of them are dedicated running with minimal ports which people with slower connections have longer wait times and sometimes laggy game play. In other words, they are to cheap and lazy to address real problems like dedicating their servers and expanding them to more users at one time. Nearly 24/7 there are 9 million+ players online and in the evening and weekends there are more. Like Chumbly said there are certain times of the day that have less players online which makes matchmaking work more efficiently. But, I don't believe it really matters as much with connection speed because its happened to a few of my friends and they have extremely high speed internet. So I'm pretty sure it has to do with the over capacity of the servers for this game. As you notice at the prime times that most gamers are on, hosts get changed alot and servers get lost easier and more.
that blows part of my theory about the faster connection speed, not sure if it could also be something to do with cable modem vs. dsl modem. However ur right on those numbers and thats crazy with the amount of money they are making off these players they need to take a look at whos making the money and host a server in each major city, that wouldnt cost as much as they make in one single day!!! And I still want to figure out why at my house I have no problems at all no matter what day or time, but take it over to his moms and it does not work, she lives about 10 miles. The only difference is she has dsl I have cable modem. I'm going to check some configs on her wireless router about port forwarding like some of the other posts has said and see if that helps. But the real problem is like you said lack of servers, in the meantime I want to figure a way to make it work over there. Simple solution add more servers so we don't have to worry about connection speed, I didn't see that as a requirement
Mine only works on xbox 360 when I join a freinds session in progress
It's sandy. A lot of people say that sandy caused connection problems.
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Hey guys, I got the same thing. I'm a XBOX user.
I can't get into any games. And I mean any games. I can only get in if I with someone like in a friends party.
I know you will probably think it's connection but it's actually not. If I am in a game it was say my connection is 3-4 bars.
Please help, I hate wasting my time.

Digitron Mitch.
Thank you
Alberta here, nothings working for online, unil I uninstaleed the update and it started working fine.
how do you uninstall the update
some one at best buy said that on the find match screen with create a class and barraks says something at the bottom of the screen with the internet secured or not. im not sure cause I havent tried it u=yet but I hope that this will help u
i hate infinity award, cant connect 2 nothing my friends r in games I get brought 2 d screen then its says cant connect to host. I have good internet and an open NAT type
im having problems getting into games too. the game only runs through the login process once and wont let me go back without freezing. I found if you unplug the internet cord and plug it right back in it speeds up the process. you might piss off your online friends but you get in games a little quicker
to jam 13 all the modders get put into 1 lobby becasuse they are all running the same version of the game have u done some thing to your game codes or by accident put a file in them have a look at that and then try and real install your punk buster or what ever they are using on the current cod hope that helps
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Yo guys. If you still have problems with connecting to mw2 servers (Fetching playlist, updating rank etc.) don't blame your ps3 or IW. you have to reconfigure your internet connection, router.i had this same problem but than, on November 18'th my neighbour provided me his internet connection and I works fine. try opening ports, unlocking NAT. good luck
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I'm not sure how you would be able to solve this problem on the xbox or PS3, but on the PC, here's what you do.

If it queues on forever and it says that your playlist is older than the Host (when trying to join a friend's game, do the following:

1-Contact a friend with a version of the game that is working fine

2-Tell him to go to this folder

\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\zone\english

3-Let him copy a file called mp_playlists and send it to you

4-Go to YOUR \Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\zone\english

5-Paste and replace

It took me forever before I could find the solution, hope this heps.
Thank you
- you have to check you NAT setting, to do this go to system settings>test xbox live connection=if the result is everything connected it means your NAT is open and if not it will say there NAT Strict or Moderate.
- if NAT Strict or Moderate, call your router support to forward the following ports UDP 88, 3074, 53 TCP 80, 3074, 53 then after that try joining to a match again
- if port forwarding did not resolve the issue try to enable DMZ on your router
Thank you
I had this problem just now, just sign out, reset your router and sign back in, and bob's your uncle.
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I have found a temporary solution to xbox users..... But it can be very inconvinient..... First go to the dashboard..... Wait there for a while and look around..... Have a friend invite you..... While at the dashboard.... ACCEPT IT...... It will hopefully skip through the into of the game and send you to your friends lobby...... If that doesn't work try this..... Start your own private match..... Have a friend do the same..... Then have him invite you to the game..... Then it should work when your friend invites you and then tries n find a game...... These only sometimes work for me...... Hope this helps someone....

Thank you
In Canada. Can't get online either. Says its looking for match and then it says "your online status changed, taking you back to main menu" or something like that. Piece of shit!!!!!!
Yea it even messed up in the caribbean 2..i got messed after the stupied update..y isnt live doing eny thing???
In Qatar also the same problems. Takes about 6 minutes before it can find 1 game. Bloody update.. Hope they fix it soon. Its getting annoying,.
me too,, am in saudi arabia , I cant get any player or games ,,, any how regarding the NAT u can open it by enabling th Upnp for your modem .
but even so , if your NAT is open , u cant find any damn match @@!!
I'm in Antartica and I can't find any games. It worked until the update, so something changed when that happened. It may not be the update itself, but maybe a secondary problem that happened at the same time.
im from canada and I have the same problem
Thank you
same here in BC Canada
Fetching playlists..
updating ranks...
connecting to matchmaking server...
Thank you
ME TOOO!!! It says fetching playlist and shit.
Here too, we get the 'fetching playlist' message and then it just sits there, nothing happens for over 2 hours.
me too, did any one solve this issue, activision no help and xbox live no help, can someone help me
same here with the online status shit. u fix yours? help me if u did.
i just restarted my xbox and everything works fine now.
Thank you
Try uninstalling it from your hardrive and then search (thats if it is installed already), this worked for me however it took about 5 minutes to find a game.
Thank you
Guys I think it might be the connection try getting closer to your modem
Thank you
maybe yur connection or wireless isz bad....or yu need a new one
Thank you
Where do u find the website to get onto mw2 online?????!!!!!!?!?!?!??!!??!?!!!! IM ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
my game wont even go through the beginning of the game MW2
Thank you
Me to im I n the uk and I have had the same problem since about midday. It sucksssssssssssssssss!
maybe they did it on purpose because it's remembrance day or some shit. who knows, all I know is that it's soo annoying and I have school soon, damn it!
Thank you
We Got The Fix All you modern warefare addicts :)
Thanks to all ya Black Hats!!
Wooooohoooooooooooooooo :)
All I Can Say Is.............
Now that iv told all you guys let me get back to playing as iv missed this game like crazy!!! hehehe
See all you guys around on the Battle Field!!

HeLLSenT Me!!
THe DEViL :)
Where can I find a new patch?
Thank you
join someones session in progress
Thank you
What is happening is that, because the new stimulus map pack has came out, it keeps on interrupting with matches. I had the same problem, but if you leave it for a few days it should sort the problem.

Gamertag: georetro

Level: (prestige 1) 25

P.S: do you have xbox live, 'cause if you don't that may be the prob aswell.
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