Modern Warfare 2 online cant find matchs why [Solved/Closed]

 dwebb -

I cant find match its been on for hours but still can't find a single match x
System Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0

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this only did this since the update/map pack came out yesterday, my % counter for the match's doesent even go up to 100%
I think it is because ov them new maps been instaled
By me the same on the PC Nat Type is open, reinstalled the game, switched on and off my modem still nothing works keeps searching when I join a party it works..
still not fixed?
its somthing to do with your firewall in your modem. if you turn ur modem firewall off it works fine.
still not working today
same im gonna try to get the mappacks
i am soooooooooooooo annoyed I can play private matches on live but whenever I try to play online it just wont let me join and if I search for a match it just wont find any ... PLEASE HELP !!!
i called infinity ward by looking up their # and told them about the problem hopefully they will call me back
There is no problem guys, its just a patch that they put in. Im from Aus and the patch is a really good thing and a bad thing. Its really good for Aussie players cause the path only looks for matches which is hosted by an aussie or a NZ player which makes us never to lag again and have perfect connection. The bad thing is that everyone plays free for all or team deathmatch the most and not any others like demolition pr headquarters so if u want to try play them then it will take a really long time to search up a match.

iam from aus and its bull sh*t I cant get into any matches unless I join a freinds match and most of there server is full...
Just join atomicbenjidudesparty atcallofdutymodernwarfare4
well maybe ur internet is crap put when I search in free for all or team deathmatch I may have to wait a min but I always get a match with perfect connection
i have the problem as tterb sett420 and my connnection is good..........................................really need an answer................HELP.

after a 2minute wait mine finally works
directly link your modem to your ps3 wireless you wont get connected or have as much strength .,,,,,..............,,,,,,,,,,,,, worked for me