My toshiba external harddrive stoped working

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Tuesday November 10, 2009
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November 10, 2009
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i have a 250GB toshiba external harddrive, and it was working perfectly about a month ago
then i went for military training for a month and now it dosnt work on my computer i tryed it on another comp and it works fine, i havent done anything to my comp it just sat in storage, the drive just makes a ticking noise like a clock no matter what usb port i put it in, and one have any clues cause i desperatly need to get on in to it

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Dear Sir,

Please remove the CD Rom Drive and plug the external drive instead and

this should solve matter.

Thank you.
my 320 GB toshiba external hard drive is not working properly,how can i fix this?thanks
my 320GB toshiba external hard drive doesn't work properly on third month of using this it cause me a big problem and i really need this with my job so please help me how to solve this,i want to return where i buy but i lost my receipt so idon't have any options to fix this thanks.....