I can't watch video clips [Solved/Closed]

 Savouge -
my computer can't display video clips as in youTube and many other websites !
and I lately did many changed so that I don't know in which the problem
firstly, I installed the cursed antivirus Norton 360 then it blocked all the vedio clips
then it asked me to update my window Xp but some files failed to be updated
SO, I removed the Norton 360 from my computer BUT till now I can't watch vedio clips
Please any one can help !

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hi all vista users just click on tools goto internet options then when it opens go to the program tab then manage add ons and enable research and apply that should be that ok now:D:D
well ur computer is prob too slow, get a new computer.
i got that problem too.. but,when I download n install shockwave player, it seems all problem back to normal..
Thanks it worked - big help

my computer can't display video clips as in youTube
error msg:
"An error occurred, please try again later"
idk but the same freaking thing is happening to me I want to know if there is a wedsite where you don't need flashplayer?
Java IS activated, enabled or watever.. and I try download flashplayer it just restarts that page... it wont let me download it. java script is enabled. it just refreshes the page when I try to dowload flashplayer... any help??? thanx
my mom block youtube so we cant watch videos on youtube but I dont know other websites that I can watch videos in them ((please)) if you know other videos ((please tell me)) on this website if you did thank you ((((so)))) much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
help I just came from one boring day and this happen : I :(
back up all ur data and try doing an operating system reinstall (reinstall win xp ) on ur computer.this must and should help u

1.Did you get flash player? 2.NEVER USE NORTON!

1.Did you get flash player? 2.NEVER USE NORTON!
Kioskea is right. It will be less expensive in the end to just buy a new PC or laptop than to keep making changes. Just a thought...
if utube is blocked just search free online web proxy!
i can watch video in youtube
me to! im hecka pissed dat I cant even download dat crap!
is this a problem of not having the graphic card???
why I cannot open my video in my youtube
I don't know my suggestion may work or not but I suggest u to install latest Adobe fladh player.

if my my suggestion really works then reply me Email Id removed for security
I'm totally computer illiterete, tried to get a free download for music videos that I can watch but no luck. What is Roxio all about? I'm also having problems with the Adobe Reader. Do these things have anything to do with it. All I want to do is watch my favorite videos. Any help simple help out there?
why can't I open video clips like youtube on my explorer without it shutting down?