My videos does not play when i store them in my usb flash drive

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I format my Sony Vaio usb2.0 flash drive of 1.9TB .at first when I slot the usb it ask me to format it and when I did with a : system files FAT32. I finally format the flash drive and store my videos or any files in the flash drive the Videos does not play and the same thing happens when ever I open my files in the flash drive it does not open with the same Words that I personally wrote. Can any body please help me?

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I'm afraid you've bought a fake flash drive. I know, because I've just done the exact same thing! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It turns out I bought a dodgy 2TB flash drive from eBay with a tampered capacity - what was supposed to be an amazingly large drive was in fact only 8gb, though it showed the faked size in Windows and on a sector scan. I've learned there's currently no such thing as a real 2TB flash drive. Not even close.

What tipped me off was when I copied across about 20gb worth of .mkv files. I found that some of them were working fine, and then everything after a certain point was broken. They were broken even though the file sizes appeared correct, and there were no error messages during the copy.

I tried all sorts of things to fix them - scans, chkdsk etc., but came up with nothing. Sometimes after disconnecting and/or restarting it would accept an extra 1gb video, and it would play while it was still plugged in, but then when I ejected it and plugged it back in that file would be corrupted, as if all of the metadata was gone.

I finally figured out that it was the first 8gb that worked, and everything beyond that was faked. I feel like a total idiot for wasting so many hours, when in the end the answer was obvious - it seemed way too good to be true when I bought it, and it was.

It's one possible reason some of your files will work, but others won't, when there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why. Hopefully this will save you (or someone else) from wasting time trying to figure out why the universe seems so random and cruel. ;)
THanks it helps me a lot, i did examine with the video files, the last one was not played so i again delete all files and copy first the last which though damage then it works. what a waste of time coz of this fake flash drive, i bought 12 nos for present supposedly.
dam the same thing happen to me, i am careful buying on ebay now.
Thank you for this information. Though it did the same thing to me, I'll be so careful the next time I'll buy. Was there any other ways so that my usb will be reusable?
Same here bought a 256GB on Playing MKV movie and not mp4 found that very suspicious.Found your comment here. Thanks for saving me hours of frustration!
it seems i'm having that kind of problems too.. thanks for your comment..really appreciate..