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I've got a serious problem with my laptop. I'm not sure if any updates were recently installed, because it is always on automatic updates, and to be honest I was too busy working all day to take notice. Just like any other day, I shut down the laptop at the end of a busy day (it's Fujistu by the way running Windows Vista Home). The next day i booted it up and it gets to the part with the greenbar loading, and just stays there with the moving bar. I've left it like that for hours, it can't get past it to login.

I've also tried starting it in safemode and it does exactly the same thing. I also put in the recovery cd which comes up and tried booting it from the cd. It says click any key to boot from CD... then I press a button on the keyboard, it starts loading from the CD and say "loading files" then after that it goes back to the blank screen with the loading bar and doesn't get past it.

I have all my university assignments on this laptop and some web design work too, so I really need to get it running. Please help if you can.

Greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Hi flyinfreeee,

I didn't have much luck with the methods mentioned above. But I did find a solution and recovered all of my data. I downloaded KNOPPIX with another computer. KNOPPIX is a version of Linux which runs the whole operating system off the cd, so you don't need to install anything. You just create the KNOPPIX cd and stick it in the computer when asked, then press enter to boot from the KNOPPIX cd and it will get your computer running. Then you can access your hard drive and save everything you need on a memory stick or whatever, and then reinstall windows.

You can download KNOPPIX for free, its open source. Check it out at:

Thank you

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ok thanks, i'll see how it goes!
So how did it go Timm, is your laptop working? I have the same problem at the moment and am running the Memory Diagnostics Tool. Its very slow, its at 10% after about 10minutes on my speedy pc

The suggestion before to backup your work is a valid one, i'll probably end up doing that then starting a-fresh, which is the solution i'm currently looking at if the internet doesnt give me a better response. I'll update if I get a quicker solution
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Hi There this problem could be lots of things.

If your files are so important I would get someone to remove the hard drive link it to a desktop and try to recover your files first before you do anything else.

If you dont know anyone that can do that for you the first thing I would do is to check the memory by running Microsoft memory checker you can get it here

Make sure you click on the correct link the file to download is mtinst.exe create a floppy disc or cd disc and boot from that and the program will check your memory.
Lets see what happens when you have done this.
Kindest Regards Tony B.