Fixing Your PS3 Network Connection

Rhino - Sep 2, 2008 at 07:45 PM
 Drdealy - Feb 17, 2019 at 11:07 PM
Check it out. If you r constantly getting connection interruptions during game-play then here is what u need to do. If u r using a router (no matter the brand), the problem probably has to do with the router. In order to find out, disconnect your PS from the router and plug it directly into you modem. If your modem is not near your playstation then move it close to the ps3. The modem plugs directly into your cable line so there is a good chance that the television you play your PS3 on has a cable connection. One you have connected your PS to your modem press the reset button on the modem. Turn your PS on and go directly to your network settings. Click on Internet Connection Test (do not bother trying to set up a connection manually, if you do this chances are you will mess something up). If you are getting a connection then you are ready to go. There is a good chance you may never get a connection interruption again. For the time being you will be able to enjoy playing call of duty like you once did. Now u might ask what am I supposed to do with my router? I need it for my laptop, xbox, etc? Just buy a new one. Chances are the one that you have is garbage. It might have worked great at once, but hey, these things happen. I suggest doing your research and find a router that works well with gaming. I hope this works. In summary, it is not your playstation or your internet service provider that is giving you problems... It is your router... connect your PS to your router to test this theory...

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is there a way to make it really quick
on my moderwarfare2 for ps3 I can get into search for game but it just keeps loading 4ever
If you pull out the internet cable out the back of the computer will it mess the internet up?
I had the same issue, got the IP address checking succeed, but Internet failed, so I resetd to the default settings to reconfigure everything again and put the new DNS that I got from my ISP, set up all again with the proper DNS and worked...

hope this can help

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Dec 24, 2008 at 03:44 PM
there are 4 causes for connection interupted. 1. the server needs a new router. 2. u need a new router. 3. the server needs faster internet. 4. u need faster internet. I have an n router with high speed internet. the issue with the call of duty 4 server (includes world at war) is that there is only 1 host and I hope that cod5mw2 has more than 1 host so that such a good series wont be lost. if u hardwire or get an n router u will still get connection interupted, just not as often
I saw your thread on the fixing of your network. But I haven't even gotten that far yet, - I don't know how to get online on the ps3. Could you help me?

copy and paste the link above this should fix your problem

go over entire link with mouse from left to right click on the link starting from h then drag mouse across all the way till its blue then right click on blue link and select copy then click on address bar and right-click and select paste
I have a router from ATT. I have it setup to play on line and it was working fine but not all of a sudden it stopped working. My desk top and laptop work fine. Only the PS3 is having a hard time connecting.
Any suggestions.
hay people , would any 1 know the reason why I get signed out of playstation network most of the time ?
Yeah I have Exactly the same problem! It has a hard time finding a game.. and when it does I have a ping of only 1 bar!!!
eliasramirez234 > aporti03
Mar 11, 2009 at 02:15 PM
hey guys I know how to get rid of downloading game settings!¬!!!!! hahahaha..... lol what you have to do this works for wireless by da way.
1) Turn off your ps3 by the back switch.
2)Unplug your modem and leave it unplugged for about 30-35 secs.
3)Switch Your modem back on
4)Switch your ps3 back on.
5) Go straight to your network setting and disble your internet connection for 30-35 secs then enable it.
6)THen go straight bk on to cod4 and you shouldn't hav any downloading game settings. wolla! :)

btw you have to do this every time you switch off your ps3 and want to go back on agen.

IT MIGHT BE A BIT OF A PAIN IN THE ASS SOMETIMES!! ..... but guess wat ..... IT WORKS!!!

my psn is eliasramirez234 if you want to add me :):):)
scott > eliasramirez234
Apr 4, 2009 at 07:04 PM
Didn't work for me. What a pain, every other PS3 game I've played online worked perfect except this one.
ONEofFIVEsTrIkE > keeno
May 2, 2009 at 07:48 AM
For a long time I had a problem with connecting to PSN. Once connected it would sign me out but most of the time it wouldn't sign in. It got me thinking that Sony are a bunch of amateurs when it comes to networking.

I've been through many forums looking for an answer. A few people tell you to change the PS3 or router settings, which work for a couple of hours. However I found the problem isn't with the router because I'm not ever losing a connection with Xbox Live. I decided to turn my head to the PC's in my flat, thinking that some program I'm running must be taking up a lot of bandwidth.

After some trial and error I finally hit the nail on the head. I am now after a few months of frustration enjoying PSN as I do with Xbox Live.


Programs such as BitTorrent and Limewire use up a lot of bandwidth. If your not sure what bandwidth is, Google it. Any program used for social sharing (illegal in the eyes of governments) must be closed before signing in to PSN. Yep, it's that simple. If I'm signed out of the PSN automatically then its because I've forgotten to close BitTorrent.

If you are not running any social sharing data program and have problems signing in to PSN, this solution will be of no use to you.
Recently I have been having trouble doing game updates. I want to play civilization Revolution online but when the game loads it says it needs to do a game update. I click on ok and the screen just goes blank. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
My brother and I play madden 09 online. The game will start out fine but gradually get slower and glichier. We both use a wireless router for our connection to the network. However, when I play people other than him the game seems to run fine. Any suggestions?