Multi-display problem in control panel

ccs - Dec 17, 2009 at 10:23 AM
 ccs - Dec 17, 2009 at 01:30 PM
I just bought a new system and got it all pieced together. (Windows 7 ultimate 64bit) When I installed my gpu drivers, it automatically set up a dual monitor display on one monitor. That was easily solved. However, after that, I did hook up an additional monitor.

problem: in Windows 7 control panel, it shows 3 displays: display 1, which is my primary, display 2, which is the greyed out display from when I installed my video card drivers, and display 3, which is my secondary display.

I am wanting to know how I can delete that greyed out display (#2) in the control panel, and re-label my secondary display to #2. Display 2 is just a repeat of my primary display monitor since the video card thought I had 2.

I have the exact same issue with Catalyst Control Center in the multiple desktop display feature. I tried deleting that monitor from the unused devices in device manager and that did not work.

my video card is an ATI Sapphire radeon 5850

Thank you.

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I guess if this can't be fixed then I'll be ok, but its just an annoyance that I'd prefer didn't exist :)