XP Internet Explorer Problem with Boot Camp

Jess78 - Sep 7, 2008 at 12:42 PM
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I recently installed XP on my Mac by using th Boot Camp assistant. When I boot up Windows, I can't open Windows Internet Explorer. I then repartioned the drive and installed Vista. I was able to go into my control panel and activate my wireless connection, and Internet Explorer was fine. I do not like Vista, so I again repartioned my drive and installed XP. Still, Internet Explorer will not open. What may be causing this? Thanks!

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Oct 21, 2008 at 01:13 PM
I had this problem just a few minutes ago. I installed XP, installed the drivers from the OSX disc, and couldn't get online.

I checked out my drivers in the Device Manager, and noticed that the drivers (Broadcom and Marvel Ethernet) were there but had a yellow '!' beside it.

If this is you, to fix this:

Right click My Computer > Properties.
Choose the Hardware tab and click Device Manager
Click the + beside Network Adapters and Right click the Broadcom Adapter > Update Driver

With your OSX Disc In the computer:
Choose "Yes, This time only."
Choose "Install from a list or specific location."
Choose "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install."
The next area should have your Broadcom driver selected. Click Next.
You should get a screen that says "driver update successful."

Repeat these steps for the Marvel Ethernet driver and you should be good to go.
totally easy fix. put you os 10.5 in your computer. double click dvd bootcamp. it will load all drivers automatically!!
J > fixit dude
Feb 18, 2009 at 09:59 PM
i got a new macbook pro.
on windows xp,

put mac osx disc in.
clicked on CD.
clicked on bootcamp folder.
clicked on setup icon.

worked nicely.

thanks man.
i cant seem to find the marvel ethernet..... there were no yellow symbol on mine..... PLZ HELP
Ive done this multiple times and still get the yellow question marks. No drivers.
When I search for the driver, I have to pick what I'm trying to install, and no matter what I do, it never finds any driver in that window. I have even tried to run each driver installer from it's folder
i did this. my internet works for like 10 seconds then shuts off.
Ok. I have had the same problem - Installed Windows XP on my iMac using boot camp but can't connect to the wireless router with IE or Mozilla - but fine if using it in MAC Mode. However I always got a excellent signal through the wireless but no internet connection. Very Confusing!

I have searched the web trying to find out how to fix it and no one seems to know, therefore I assumed I must simply doing something wrong, but so many many people have the same problem.

After a lot of experimenting this is how I got it to work.

I bought home a Ethernet cable from the office and connected the router to the iMAC running XP using bootcamp directly by hard cable. At first the router still did not connect but by setting up the TCP/IP setting under properties for the LAN (as follows) it began working.

IP Address - (may be slightly different for your router)
Subnet Mask: 255.355.355.0
Default Gateway:

Use the following: DNS Server addresses
Alternate DNS:

IE and mozilla working - I disabled the LAN, firstly by right clicking on the LAN in the network properties panel and selecting Disable. IE and Mozilla still worked. Finally I disconnected the cable and it still worked. And is still working since.

I think the solution was to set the machine up using the Ethernet cable and get the settings right first.

I hope this helps.
Had a similar problem: couldn't access ethernet after Boot Camp install to Windows XP, though worked fine in OS X. Same Device Manager yellow "!" warnings as noted above...

Turned out I was a bit too literal, where the printed Boot Camp Assistant instructions said to insert the original Leopard DVD, under Windows, to allow Boot Camp to add the drivers -- I went back to my original Leopard DVD.

Duh, I needed the newer Leopard DVD that came with the particular Mac I was using... the original Leopard DVD didn't have drivers for the new hardware on the new machine, natch.

All it took, the next time I'd booted into Windows, was to insert the newer Leopard DVD; Boot Camp popped up to offer the option to repair drivers, the new DVD worked a charm, and the "New Hardware Found" wizards in Windows popped up and were dispatched by Boot Camp without me lifting a finger. Everything that had been flagged by Device Manger now works fine...
Doh, I'm an idiot, used an older Leopard disk from the desktop on the macbook pro. No wonder some drivers weren't working correctly. :|
Worked for me!
OK to help all of you who are new to clarify why your internet is not working, you all should have Mac CDs that came with the mac set. You need to install one of the CD (It is not the Application CD and I do not remember what is the other) just insert it onto your mac CD drive and let it download. Once it is complete, restart your computer and let the grey screen go on. Once you log on, you try to connect the internet again and it should work now otherwise you might have to ask apple.

Oh, and you need to hold the alt/option key when you see a grey screen every time you start your computer and want to access the mac mode because it is default for the mac itself to think that you want it to got to windows
This worked for me, thank you!

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just figured it out
Jun 14, 2009 at 04:57 PM
actually, you can go to system preferences and under startup disk, you can select your mac os to be the default startup system. that way you only have press alt when you actually want to switch to windows.
Do you know what version of leopard you used that worked?
In the end I just called my Internet people (Jazztel) and they talked me through the internet connection set-up in Windows. Put in all the IP numbers again and re-typed the password and it worked!! So simple (have to confess that was the solution suggested by the guy in my local Apple shop).
All you have to do is install the Snow Leopard or regular Leopard install disc (or the normal Imac disk that came with your computer) in Windows. It will update all of those for you, and you'll be good to go.
I wanted to say a big thank you to this forum! My son bought a macbook pro and couldn't get the internet to work after I installed bootcamp for him. He spent several hours "fuddling" around with trying to make it work and finally said, mom... I did a search of the internet and the first link I clicked was this page. I read through all the suggestions and finally got that I needed to relaunch into windows and insert the CD that came with the computer - not the applications, but the mac book pro one. I didn't believe it would work, but it did. Just let it do it's thing. It will bring up a screen that says, " installing bootcamp". Just do it. I thought, what, I already did? but it goes through and right before your eyes you'll see messages like, "detected wireless internet", just let it run it's course and restart your computer when it says to. And when it comes up, you'll have the connection icons and you just need to link to your wireless internet. So thank you thank you!
I am having the same issue, though I have attempted many times to use the disc that came with my 15" MBP.

I'll start from the beginning:

1. I use Boot Camp assistant to create the partition.
2. I insert my Windows CD to begin the installation.
3. I select the "BOOTCAMP" partition when I am installing and select to reformat it like I was told to do.
4. Widows starts up without drivers. Here is where I eject the Windows CD and insert the Apple OS cd, it autostarts. Eventually it says it is installing the drivers and finally comes to the point where it restarts.
5. The computer restarts and I am back in Windows, but not all of the drivers install. This includes: GPU drivers, ethernet and wifi drivers. I am not able to access internet on Windows (neither wifi nor cord help but I'm sure if I manually tell it what to use it would, just "auto" does not work). I only receive VGA graphics.

I'm attempted the following:

1. During the Drivers Wizard I have attempted to "manually" tell which drivers to use. I've selected the disc but it never finds any compatible drivers.

2. I've attempted to run each driver pack individually, some never start. Meaning, I double click and see an hour glass but even after waiting 5 mins nothing happens.
I have this problem as well.
After getting the run around from Apple and Microsoft I discovered all you have to do is while in windows (if in a partitioned drive boot into windows not the apple partition) insert the gray Mac OS X install dvd. Once it downloads it will restart boot into windows again and you should now be able to access the internet. I still have to find a cure for an inability to drag and drop but hey now I can get online to do that.
worked for me! It also Installs a bunch of other useful drivers i.e. Graphics etc.
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Dec 24, 2010 at 04:51 PM
Dunka for your feedback
I have no idea where my original disc is any ideas???
Ok, so: I got two CDs with my Mac (both gray). What should be the right one? Also, how do I eject the CD if when I press the button to eject, it won't come out? The Windows OS is whole fine and works perfect! (even Paint, lol JK)... Help me, please!
heres the answer http://www.microsoft.com/...
I'm kinda confused, I dug up my old Mac OSX discs, but I'm not sure how to get the drivers onto my XP partition like you said. How do you do that?
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Nov 7, 2008 at 06:03 AM
I had the same problem some time ago but I didn't know what I did and it was ok ! :S
thanks heaps!!!
i had the same problem and I did what you said, IT WORKED!
i have been having this problem 4 about twenty days now and I decided to try to fix it because I had to activate windows and only had 10 days left. I was getting a bit worried, but when I found this all my problems were solved. thanks for all of your advice!!
Jul 15, 2009 at 07:47 PM
Hey guys!
i hate to say it... and its like an echo, but im having the same problem...only a bit sooner on.
i can install windows using the right method reccomended by both Apple, and several other sites. once it comes time to pop in my leopard disc to instal other drivers... and here comes the kicker, it wont download. it says im missing something called "UPLOAD" and cancels any CD activity. it says my installer software also needs to be updated. so. after wanting to take a tire iron to this 2000 dollar paper weight, I decided it was a problem with the internet... dont ask how, its always easy to blame stuff on the internet. I also refuse to pay the $60.00 for windows help...

ANY help at all???
I'm having the exact same problem... no help yet. *sigh*
I'm having this problem too... anyone got any help?
Totes McGoats
Jun 6, 2010 at 08:02 AM
I had the exact same problem. It was such a pain in the arse that I am coming back to help some of you.

Once you partition and install windows XP on your mac you most likely are going to have driver issues. You don't have your drivers because "your girlfriend threw out your original software" (read: you probably pirated like the rest of us). You can try do the whole bcupdatexp.exe file install, but that is going to be a frustration because it is not going to be read by your computer.

So here is where you go...
Download this file and install it (on the windows side).
Sounds like something I just got through. As it says on the Mac side, you need to have Windows xp (service pack 2) or later. If you have windows xp service pack 1, it will not work.
well, don't expect apple to help you out.... unfortunately they do not "have the expertise" -
the problem with the "UPLOAD" error should be resolved by putting in your windows CD and
installing the components you need. Once you put in the CD, a screen with open and you can select what you want to install. maybe this will help ?
It seems it's possible that the general internet connection problem could be caused by using a dodgy Windows CD. Well, that's what I read here:
I've reinstalled Windows with a different CD but no joy. Windows does find my Wifi connection and appears to connect to it, but I still can't open the Internet. The CDs I bought (on Amazon) are supposed to be sold with a new Dell computer only. But they're completely new so I just don't see how they could be the problem.
I've gone through the steps described by hethinksitsreal above, but it didn't work.
I've run the original Mac CD too. Nada.
AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I've reached the limits of my understanding of this issue.
If anyone has any new ideas, I'd be eternally grateful. My boyfriend has given up trying to solve it and left me to it! Eek.
the angry one
Jul 6, 2010 at 11:07 AM
how did u solve it???+
how were you able to activate ur wireless connection?