Formatting Windows Vista

 kristy -

My name is kristy, I have bought a toshiba loptop last years and now is has become ha piece of junk in drive C. I want to format my computer. But went i put the recovery disc on the cd/dvd drive it wont read even if i restaure and reboot it.

Can someone help me to fix that issue, because i don't have the Vista Full CD

Thanks for help!!!!!
Kristy x_x

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hello kristy,
when you reboot your laptop you will see somewhere around the screen "setup" or "enter setup" or "bios"

once youre in setup, go to the tab called "boot" and make your 1st boot device your CDROM.

save & exit and reboot.

it will then say press any key to boot from disc.

follow the onscreen instructions.
Thanks for your help kieferschild!

It's work perfectly...