Windows xp spyware on comp

suzy - Sep 17, 2008 at 02:53 PM
 lmshatraw - Sep 17, 2008 at 09:44 PM
hi all my childs comp has ended up with spyware on it it wont let us go on the net or even system restore my recovery disk is lost so i cant reboot it with that has anyone any tips on how to fix it as we cant get on anyhtin at all

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Although you did not state the OPERATING SYSTEM you use--XP, 98, etc., (link explaining how to boot to safe mode is shown here--- for 95, 98, 2000, XP), etc., this should work for you. You will need to use a friends's PC to access the URL's and software I show you.

If you can have a friend download the program for you, I'd suggest LavaSoft Ad-Aware from here-- You can also get SpyBot here-- Although you did not say anything about Virus protection, I'd suggest AVG; you can download it from here

See if you can boot up in SAFEMODE (press F8 when starting up from a power off state--you may need to TAP the F8 key a few times to get it's attention).

If you cannot install any of the applications in safe mode, here's an alternate suggestion.

Remove the HARD DRIVE (hdd) fro your PC, install it as a secondary drive in another PC and run the spyware and virus programs on that PC against your drive. replace your drive in your PC and test it to see if all is OK.

If you need additional help removing and installing the drive, be sure to get back to me and I'll see what help I may be able to provide for you.

Lowell Shatraw
Support Center Team Lead
Greeley, Co