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Hi guys my touch pad left click button has stopped working on my hp dv6700 laptop, this morning I simply turned my laptop off then on again and it has stopped working! whats even more strange is that when I plug in a external mouse it has the same problem where the left click does not work, I have gone into synapics settings tried changing different settings uninstalling the driver then reinstalling it again and it still does not work? can anyone help me please any answers will be appciated :)

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I had a similar issue with my HP. Go to control panel, mouse, buttons tab and see what is selected for "touching both buttons simultaneously." Mine was set to "auto scroll" which is the same as the left button not "working." To turn off auto scroll, I simply needed to click the left and right again simultaneously. If you frequently highlight cells or text and then right click to select other options, you'll likely do this again becuase you're right clicking before completely releasing the left button. Hope this helps.
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I have the same problem, mine is dv6000