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I'd like to know how to right-click and hold that right-click on a touchpad or, even better, on a touch screen. I've been searching internet for two days and couldn't find any reasonable answer. A brief right-click can be accomplished be using two-finger tap and right bottom click on touchscreen. It doesn't work on my touchpad though I checked settings in my Win10. I have acer switch 5. It seems to me that win10 performs the right-click after the right "mouse" button on my regular laptop touchpad. Thank you for any answer.
Best regards, Marcel

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Hi, Marcel

Please try once again - Turn on / off Press and Hold Right click Through Control Panel (window 10)

>> Open the Control Panel and choose large icon preview then Click Pen and Touch.

>> Select Pen Options tab or Touch tab >> Choose "Press and hold option" and hit Settings.

>> Now enable “press and hold for right-clicking” on your touch pen.

(Touch – You can also use your finger to press and hold on a touch screen.)

If it is already enable then once disable it and restart the pad then again follow the steps.

(Other option: you can use "Bluetooth mouse" if above method is not working for you.)
Thank you

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