My iPod will not turn on and wont charge

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My iPod nano 4th g 8gb won't turn on and it will not charge what should I do?

System Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.5.8

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Try holding down the "Menu" button, along with the center button, for like 30 seconds, or untill the apple logo shows up. Mine would not turn on, and when I plugged it into my computer, it still didnt do anything. Try this, it worked on my nano...
Thank you

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Thanks man. I don't know what id do without my ipod haha
Thankez that just worked for me to :)
this didnt work on mine. I can't get the computer to recognize it and I cant get the thing to charge or turn on.
This worked for me! Thanx.

it did not work :( sux to be u
i just got my ipod and I put on the computer so it can charge or come on so wat to u think I should do???
just hold the menu button and the center button 4 30 seconds hope I helped:)
I kept on pressing the center and menu button together whilst my ipod was plugged into itunes and then itunes popped up with a recovery messages so I just followed that and my ipod seems to be working
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Hold Down on home button and on/off button same time till apple pops up that's wat helps me but maybe yo prob is diffrent umm if that dosent work just take it to store u bought it from and if u have warranty they can fix it or give u a new one:)
reset by holding menu andcenter button
were is the reset button on a sandisk
wooo thanks sly!!!
that didnt work for me .
mine havent turned on for along time and I keep on trying
try pluggin the ipod usb into the back usb place at the bace of the harddrive
Thank you so much! Worked for me too!! :)
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Audio Amplifier Integrated
Connectivity Technology Wired
Speakers Included 2 x right/left channel speaker wired
Connector Type 1 x docking station 1 x audio line-in ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm )
MP3 Player Compatibility iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch
Cables Included Audio cable - 1.8 cm
Power Device Power adapter
Run Time (Up To) 10 hour(s)
Type Battery - AA type