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 momo -
Since I downloaded the latest iTunes version, I started to have connection problems to iTunes Store. I tried everything already including adding iTunes to the McAfee exceptions, the use of Proxy Server has always been unchecked, reinstalled iTunes, etc. but so far still no luck. It keeps saying Loading... when trying to connect to the Store and when trying to update my applications, it says to check my Internet connection. My internet works perfectly fine. I don't have Norton on my PC, so that is not a problem. HELP!!!

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Same here. I have tried pretty much everything that the Apple site said to do. :/ I don't have Norton either and my connection is working. I have reinstalled iTunes twice now. Nothing is working.
Thank you

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Thanks a lot. This method is also work on my itunes. The problem is solved now.
I got this to work also, after trying MANY different things for weeks off and on. SUPER !
thank you the best
Just wanted to add my thanks for this tip. Worked like a charm. Too bad the "GENIUSES" at Apple Tech Support don't know about this :)
my itunes still doesnt work even after trying that
I found this on another site and it fixed my problem:

Opened iTunes. Clicked on Preferences and under Parental Controls disabled access to the iTunes Store. I then checked the box to allow access to iTunes U.
When I tried loading the store this time, it sent me directly to iTunes U with no problem.
I then went back into Preferences and enabled access to everything and tries reloading the store.

Voila. I can now connect to the whole store with no problems. Strange
I meant to say "I went a whole week" without access
Thanks so much. This solved the problem I've had since early this year. Someone from Apple support told me to check the iTunes Store box, select the Allow access to iTunes U box and then deselect the iTunes Store box, but didn't work. I did what you said and now it works. I'm so glad to have finally fixed the problem. Thanks again.
You are a GENIUS! This has been driving me crazy...I uninstalled and reinstalled countless times...I have an iPhone and love Apple products but this is a crazy problem they need to fix immediately.

I was so sceptical when I tried it - I truly believed it wouldn't work BUT it did!

Thanks a million!
This solutions really worked to update my software and connect to itunes store... cheers...thanks alot bro...
I cannot connect to the iTunes Store it has been like this ever since I updated iTunes a few weeks ago. When I click on iTunes Store a stripy bar comes up saying 'accessing iTunes store' and it just endlessly loads. I have tried unchecking and rechecking iTunes Store under parental control, but it still won't work. Please someone help me. P.s I am not very good with computers so can you give me the exact steps please thank you so much
I fixed this problem by going into start/internet/internet properties/connections/Lan settings and then un=checking "use a proxy server for your LAN.

No other issues as a result of unchecking this.
thank you! it worked!!
Thank you - worked like a charm. I was using firefox that was connecting to the internet and never use IE but had to uncheck on IE too for it to work.
Thank you ;)!!!!
thank you.. this worked a treat. ur a champion!! :)
if you are on corporate network and not accessible, the below domain should be added to proxy server or web filter to allow it.
No chance.
i have a router-based firewall (whitelist) and even after adding all four addresses as http as well as https as "allowed" I still cannot connect with the itunes store...

Latest itunes, downloaded and installed yesterday...

Amazing - thank you!!
hugs - :)
try this

Open iTunes.
On Mac OS X: From the iTunes menu, choose Preferences.
On Windows PC: From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
Click the Parental Controls tab.
Place a checkmark next to the option to disable the iTunes Store, and next to the option to Allow access to iTunes U
Click OK.
Open iTunes preferences again.
Choose the Parental Controls tab.
Remove the checkmark next to the option to disable the iTunes Store.
Click OK.
Test the issue.
If resolved, it is possible the issue may return in the future. Look for updates to this article or apply future iTunes software updates for a permanent resolution.
Yeah, this whole check/uncheck Itunes Store/Itune U preferences thing did nothing for me either
Oh for crying out loud. No sooner did I send that message than the thing started working. This is just crazy. But it worked!
Why does mine not work still T_T
thank you!!!

how can I login to itunes connect using remote php script ?

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