I deleted itunes from iphone - i want it back

 Btori -
I just got a new Iphone. And in my rush to set up I have deleted the itunes icon from the home screens. Does anyone know how to reinstall it on my iphone??



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I lost my iPhone which had all my iTunes music on it the problem is I didn't have it backed up on a pc or elsewhere. How can I get my music back? Does iTunes keep some how what you have purchased through your account? Pleeeeeease help! Spent LOTS of money!
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And turn them off.

You didn't DELETE the app, as to how Apple won't let you, you put a parental control on the app so it could not be used. Just take the restriction off, and your all set, now when you go to the home screen, you see the iTunes app.
i've been trying to figure out where iTunes went! Solved! Thank you.
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All you need to do is go to Settings on the iPhone. Go to General. Go to Reset. Then go to Reset Home Screen Layout and the app will reappear. The software is still in the phone just the icon was deleted.
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Thank you thank you thank you!!!! VERY helpful!! I was freaking because I'm heading out on a trip and thought I'd have to travel with no music.
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Tried several others suggestions first and this is the only suggestion that worked for me. Thank you.
Thanks... very east o follow!
I accidentally deleted several icons from my new 3gs phone I got today. I dont know how I did that. I did a hard shutdown-(holding down the top button and the button on the sides at the sametime) When I powered it back up, all of my icons were there. Hope this helps.
I accidentally deleted the facebook app on my iphone 3G. I couldn't even download the app again because the appstore already had me down as having installed it. I reset home page layout then downloaded the app from appstore again.
hope that helps.
The exact same thing happened to me with the exact same app. I reset the homepage layout but the app is still gone and the store still says it's installed. What can I do? Also I doubt it matters but I have an iPod touch
I'm going thru the same thing right now... It won't let me do anything... I reset the homepage, synced my phone reset everything... Still nothing... Please help
How do you take your apps out of a folder?
I went to the Settings (iPod not iTunes) under General->Restrictions, I turned OFF Installing Apps. So I turned it ON and checked the Home. There it is! My App Store icon!

i did the same thing and I went to settings then general then went to restrictions it asks for a code if u have not set one up already its 1111 then go to disable restrictions it fixed mine
you cant delet it off your I phone.... if you want it back on your apps go to settings then general then go to restrictions then make sure everything is on....then everything will be back.......job done ....
resync it. how,... I dont know.go to google and find out.
all my song delete and I want it back and I don't no how to do it
I started to Sync my itunes into my computer when I inadvertantly clicked a key. A request came up to restore my original default setting on my I-phone. I thought it said my itunes. I accidently clicked yes. Itunes deleted all my itune songs, ringtones both free and purchased, from my I-phone. Is there anyway I can retreive my songs?
restore your ipod with the back up it atomaticly puts on the computer. this will get everything from your last sync back.
hi tony, how do you restore from last sync on itunes? thanks