Control keys not working on laptop [Solved/Closed]

 ani -
I have windows vista home premium as OS in laptop and recently control keys have stopped working all of a sudden. Both the keys are not working. I removed the sticky keys....shortcut keys....but nothing is working...please help...


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Press alt+ctrl+fn keys.
Thank you

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OMG thank you so muchhhhhh!!!!!!!!
But how to press CTRL if it not working??!!?
I still have this problem :/
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If the posted answer does not assist you, you are encouraged to opennyour own thread with as many details as possible, as you have a different issue.
just use on-screen keyboard
I just encountered this for the first time. CTRL+C & CTRL+V would not copy and paste. I could see one burning out or something, but both control keys are not working. Tried a reboot and it didn't help.

I have a ps2 mouse and keyboard, both plugged into a USB adapter. Just unplugged the USB adapter and replugged it in and the keys work normal again. Seems odd that resetting the USB connection resolved it and a restart would not have fixed it, but at least it was a simple fix. Hope that helps someone else.
You may have already assigned these as hotkeys for another program like Skype. You may be experiencing this when both programs are running.
I got this problem in Word, in MS Office 2007 on newly installed Windows 7 (on a new Lenovo X200 laptop). The reason was a keyboard switch with a certain key sequence. See the tiny language icon at the bottom right corner of the screen? It got switched from standard English US keyboard to English multilingual (also had a French keyboard option). I went and removed all English keyboards except US. No more CTRL key problems.
thank u that helpt....strange how that happened though...
Ctrlkey on my laptop HP6910 (WinXP) doesn't work from the left side, but it works from the right. In BIOS restored to factory default and it's resolved issue.
I found very easy way to get rid of the side affects, it normally comes in when you have your laptop on for long periods of inactivity, just load back control panel and it should resolve the issue.


Hi Everybody,
I have given the laptop to the service centre and they have replaced the keyboard and everything is fine....for desktop it's rather much easy to check with new keyboard.


I was using old keyboard. Replacing with a new USB keyboard solved the problem on my AMD FX-4100 Desktop.

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