No Internet connection after XP SP3 Update [Solved/Closed]

 DeedoubleEE -
i am generally a pc freak so I am a bit shocked that I am stuck for once
basically I mess around with msconfig alot but when I install xp sp3 I cannot connect to the internet unless i'm on safe mode like now!
please help

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Thank you XPCMAN, TRISTAN 2037, and MIKE S for the posts. your solutions worked perfectly.
Bloody hell.
After days of searching. I turned off "automatically detect settings" in ie proxy settings / lan settings...???
was ie6 on sp3
I bet you have ESET smart security installed.
remove it , download the newest from theyr site and reinstall.
it worked for me with the same symptoms.

Updated driver and software for Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless 2200BG and my wireless connection is back.
I had the same problem but what I did was install all of your drivers again ! then it will work !
Un-instal SP3 for MS Windows XP was the solution for me.
Using DI-524 Dlink routter.
What is everyone going to do who has not installed XP SP3 when July rolls around and SP2 will no longer support updates? I was going to install SP3 on my main machine, but I'm a little nervous after reading the posts.

get a new internet connection
I have just buied new D-Link DWA 110 wireless adapter but it did not work with my operation system (Windows 7). The OS recognized the driver but I cannot lunch adapters program wireless connection manager. What can I do? Can you help me???? Thank you very much.
I know this is an old post but its April of 2010 and I am just now experiencing this same problem. I have an Intel DP45SG mobo and everything worked fine until I applied SvcPk3, then I had no internet. I could loopback the nic but not ping out. I reinstalled 3 times no difference. This last time (the 4th reload) I installed SvcPk3 first then installed Intel's drivers from CD and it worked. Hope this helps anyone else still experiencing this problem!
just call operater

Hey Guys ...... lOVE U ALL................. I had same problem on my LAPTOP .........NO net after SP3, I had tried every thing mentioned above........ finally I tried out something..........i got my other DESKTOP PC connected to net............. copied its settings especially. DNS address on to my LAPTOP........... "BAZINGA"....... everything worked...............................Thnx to all for there advices
Uninstall the AOL security inside the add remove programs

I am having an ADSL connection at home (with wireless router & lan options in the modem) which is working very fine with my laptop, cell. phone. I have used two / three laptops using LAN and wireless as well.

Recently I brought a laptop and tried to connect to my home network, but without luck. I have tried all possible ways (LAN, wireless) but still it is not getting connected with the network.I found whenever I am trying to connect the laptop with LAN cable at my home network it tries to connect again & again (ending with network cable unplugged) and in the main time it disconnects my ADSL modem from internet as well.

I took the same laptop in my office & to my friend's home network and it get connected by both ways (LAN, wireless) at both locations.

I tried by working with static IPs also but still it is not getting connected (except wirelessly with limited access). The only difference found by making static IP is, I can access the router ( with wireless connection but internet remains disconnected from the device, (as long laptop is connected with the modem).

I hope my query and details are clear. Please advice & suggest something!
Perfectly worked..Thanks a ton....
Hello I am insatalling original xp service pack 2 in my home pc now they asked me to update now only 27 days left,after updating my is it worke on smoothly or not