No Internet connection after XP SP3 Update

 DeedoubleEE -
i am generally a pc freak so I am a bit shocked that I am stuck for once
basically I mess around with msconfig alot but when I install xp sp3 I cannot connect to the internet unless i'm on safe mode like now!
please help

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I had similar problem but finally figured it out.

My issue was with Windows Zero Configuration Service after install of SP3. Just had to restart the service manually from control panel and BOOM, internet works. This particular problem happens mostly on wireless network adapters (mine is a d-link DWA-110 adapter).

Other services you should restart = DHCP! This was the root cause of the problem due to a conflict with Zero Configuration I think. Freakin MS, can't even get their own modules working properly together....sigh.
How do you restart the service manually from the control panel? I have had an issue now with not being able to acquire an IP. Driving me insane!
How can I restart the DHCP or restart the service manually. Ive been battling this for the last few weeks and its driving me INSANE!
On XP this how you restart a service:

Click "Start"
Click "Run"
Type "services.msc" in the field
Find DHCP Client in the window that opens after you enter services.msc on in Run.
Just had this same error and resolved it by resetting TCP/IP. Go to, Start, Run, type cmd and click OK.

Now type:

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Reboot and hopefully this will fix it for you.
OK, please ignore that, after a reboot it was back to not working. Sorry. :(
hi cheers mate my internet didn't work after installing sp3 I thought it was my router after doing what you said I was back up in no time just like the ronseal ad it does what it said on the tin cheers again.

Thanks man ! It actually solved the problem !
This was just what I needed. Couldn't have done it without your help.
LOLAGES, cheers buddy just done what you suggested and kaazaam it fixed it! thanks for the input, ive been trying for days to sort this annoying problem out and now I can finally get back to what I was doing.Cheers again!
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I too installed Service Pack 3 downloaded from PC Authority, as I chickened out of the Complicated Microsoft one, over service Pack 2 with Internet Explorer 6, only because I need to Install Net Framework2 to run several Utilities. I couldnt connect to the Internet with my laptop at the Internet Cafe after, to do a connected download, and then had to do heaps or research only to find out that there were a lot of people in the same boat. This is how I solved my problem.
Dont just go to the Internet Explorer Menu TOOLS Internet Options Connection LAN settings Aitomatically detect settings to select this checkbox because there is more:
Go to My Netwok Places, right click Properties or Open Network Connections on the Toolbar. Both get you to the LAN or High Speed Internet settings, right click Properties, General. Scroll down and select Internet Protocol . Select the Properties Box, above the description below. On the General tab, Clear both the Use the following IP and DNS server address boxes , by selecting both Obtain an address Automaticaly. Select the Alternate Configuration tab, deleselect the User configured
and select Automatic private IP address . Go back to General Tab and Select the Advanced settings below.
On IP Settings tab, IP addresses, check if the DHCP shows as enabled, and Default Gateways Automatic metric box is ticked. On the WINS tab, enable Net BIOS to Default settings. OK all boxes to confirn and exit. There are lots of other settings and some of these above may already be enabled. No need to it in exactly this order but it is easier to follow. Sorry I couldnt attach pictures.
It is easy to overlook these simple settings as I did. If this doesnt help you it may help many others.
1.You need to deinstalled Internet explorer 7.0 and windows xp sp3 from your machine.
2. reboot machine and reload Internet explorer 7.0.
3. Reboot workstation then load Windows XP SP3 and do updates if there are any.
4. Your homepage will then work what you have it set for.
Did you try to delete the network controller? (I assume your using broadband) and then re-detect new hardware?

You could also enter "ipconfig /renew" in your "run" tab from the START menu - this has been known to reinitialize things.

You might also look for an updated driver for the network controller. download and install it.

looks like SP3 deleted something it shouldn't have.

I think SP3 can be backed- out using Windows Uninstall. that might be your final option
I have the exact same problem as the first poster.
How would I delete the network controller? And also, what is window's uninstall? Do I need a windows disk? I wasn't given a recovery disc or anything upon purchasing my computer, which honestly sucks, if that's what you mean.

I'd really appreciate some help. Everytime I go to shut down the computer, btw, it says that it has some updates to install, which is a load of crap.
Kindly check for DNS entry from your service provider.

I m facing this problem for last 20 days. Resolved it after putting correct DNS entry.
I have installed XP SP3 and IE or Firefox will not connect to the Internet. Able to ping. Have updated the NIC drivers, nothing. Have removed and re-installed NIC and nothing. Restarted Zero Configuration and DHCP client, nothing. Have manually defined DNS and still nothing. Windows firewall is disabled, still nothing. I know that if I uninstall SP3, everything will be working. When I run the IE Diagnostic, I see error 12029. HELP!!!!
After going through the same horrors on a lenovo X61 thinkpad after upgrading to XP SP3 I checked a few settings in my Internet options in IE. The upgrade automatically checked the box in my connections to use a proxy server! Unchecked it and back on the net!

1. Open IE
3. click on LAN settings box at bottom of page
4. Make sure Automatically detect settings is checked
5. Make sure "use a proxy server,,,blah ,blah, blah" is NOT checked (if it is UNCHECK IT!)
6. restart any browser and it should work
I would suggest to all plagued by windows updates... turn them off , put up with the red shield (x) on your task bar and feel happy that you are now in control of your own computer. peace out x
> si
You don't need to live with the red cross in the taskbar screen and that annoying baloon that tell's you that automatic updates are turned off. Follow this:

Start - Control Panel - Security Centre - On the left hand side, click on "change the way security centre alerts me" - Untick Firewall, automatic updates, virus protection.

PS: this does not disable the above mentioned items, only the the red crossed shield and baloon popup.
thanks a million MIKE, it works for me...
this worked for me thanks a lot man!
I just realized that Microsoft is too big to fail so we need to bail it out of the daily Windows' operation problems.

In my case I uninstalled SP3 and went courageously through related warning that some of my devices may stop working. That triggered another thought in my head: questioning authority of Microsoft in making decisions of what's the best for health of your PC is like questioning health insurance companies of knowing what is the best for your health. It is un-American to do it. Love it or leave it, People!

If I would just remember where I put my Prozac....
So frustrated

I cannot open any of my office files, Word, Excel etc.. (I have office 2003 on a Windows XP vs 5.2 2002 OS). I had a problem with my Windows Installer or so it would seem from the error message. So I read online how to get the Installer back in, and I think I fixed that and see it back in under add/remove programs. Although I still could not open any file, I was now getting a different error message "The patch package could not open. verify that the patch package exists and that you have access to itor contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installers patch package."

During this ordeal and reading to find the problem, I downloaded XP SP 3 to hopefully fix it. Well, that did not work and seem to make it worse. I did a system restore to a week ago and that didnt work. So now when I go to open up a file, it shows ""installing windows" and then goes blank, not opening up the file, not doing anything.

**all the time, IE worked fine**

So I found a way through Microsoft support to un INstall XP SP 3 (I dont recommend this!!) . It gives you all those warnings but you figure your computer was fine before it, so why not after? Once I did that, I not only have the the same issue when trying to open up a file, but I now have a problem with my IE? I think it reverted back to 6 or 7 whereas its 8 with SP 3. When I launch IE, I see google, but then I get a IE problem window stating "IE has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please tell Microsoft about this problem yada yada yada To see what this error contains, click here. Send Error Report or Dont Send or Debug." You get it 2-3 times and then IE closes and you get the big red x stating "IE has stopped trying to restore this website".

SO I reinstalled windows XP SP 3 v.2 and the installation went smoothly, but the same problem exists. I have been using my laptop to try and read about the solution and saw this forum and Mike B's comment.

I feel like its something simple that was mentioned on this forum but I am lost at this point!

HELP??? ugh

I had the same issue of either no internet access or intermittent access though I was obviously connected. This applied to several computers; XP. vista, W7, on Mac; both laptops and Desktops...very frustrating. I tried all of the fixes suggested; removing SP3; new IP address; resets: restarts; ipconfig; nothing worked.

Then hey presto I disabled the firewall in the router itself and everything works. This includes PC's I hadn't removed SP3 from.

I hope this can help others.

You may have solved the problem by now but I had the same. I was able to uninstall sp3 (reverts back to previous in my case sp2) by using the uninstall executable created when installing sp3 (in c:\windows)
Hi there,

I have the same windows specs as you do and using the same DWA-110. I found a quick and easy way of getting online with the device.

Background: I installed the software via the CD which included D-link connection management software. I could connect to my router but could not get online. I tried all the tricks under the sun relating to firewall setting, fixed IP´s, turn off virus protection etc...

What I ended up doing is uninstalling the d-link software entirely. I went onto the D-Link website and downloaded the driver for DWA-110. (DWA-110-Drivers_ - For XP. Put it on my desktop and unzipped the folder.

I plugged in the DWA-110 device straight into a USB socket and let windows ask me to search for new hardware drivers. I then pointed the setup to look at the new driver on the desktop and clicked next.

I now have excellent connection with the internet. It seems that the D-Link software can´t get along with XP SP3.

Nice and easy.


Tristan - Syd, Australia

Sorry, pasted reply in wrong forum.


I had the same problem as Khem with Microsoft "Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP ( KB961260)". Downloaded the update and couldn't get on the internet. I restored my computer to an earlier date and had no problems. If someone knows how to download this update without losing internet, please share. This is a security update and probably should be downloaded.
Hi there,

I don't know if this will work for you, but this worked for me. I tried all the options above on my Telkom mega105wr router. I went to network connections, right clicked on Local Area Connection, clicked on status, clicked on support tab, clicked repair. I was able to connect to the internet after that.

Hope this helps!

Tirachel - Cape Town, SA
> Tirachel
I am also using this telkom router 105wr with xp service pack 3.

The best solution I found was to use the following dns settings only if telkom is your service provider.
primary dns:
secondary dns:

You still get an automatic ip from the router, but use these as dns settings.
> Martin Seraphim
thanks alot sir it really helped me, I honestly think guys like you should be working for microsoft not the asses working there at present. anyways cheers
> Martin Seraphim
Thank yo very much. It worked for me as well.
Use Control Panel, add/delere software function to remove SP3.
I too have lost wireless capability, there are some great sounding suggestions on here but I have no idea of how to execute the changes. Please give some detail of how to those.
I also had the problem of no internet connection after a SP3 install. Fortunately the uninstall option worked and fixed the problem. I think I will not install SP3 again. My advice is not to install SP3. I am seriously looking to find another alternative to MS operating system as it seems that MS is realy loosing it. The screwed up with Vista, now they are screwing up XP also.
Have you tried

Properties of My network places
Right clicking on Local Network Connection, select properties
Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties
Under General TAB select Use the following DNS server addresses
Enter the preferred DNS server : (would be for the telkom router)

That should work for XP SP3
Me too -sp3 removal fixed the internet connection after days of trying other things. Twenty years ago I would defend MS as having major contributions to the computer world. Now I do not and agree with the above about MS screwing up in addition to screwing up MS mobile and the Zune. In addition the failure of Vista even had an economic impact because who wanted to buy a new computer with Vista.
I also had this problem, couldn't figure out how to do it - though most of the advice above seemed very helpful. My problem wasn't my wireless as much as it was my local connection.

I finally reverted to SP2 and everything seems to be working again.

how icky is that to upgrade to SP3 and not have an internet connection ...
Thanks for all the help, but I think his original intent of the guy who posted was (because I also have the same exact problem) with the new service pack 3 update the icon for wireless internet is not even provided and the only thing you see is local area connection. With this problem I also noticed that my sound devices weren't working as well. Please somebody help so I won't have to call microsoft's horrible customer service.

also an fyi: this is my 3rd time reinstalling SP3. The other two times my friend (no longer available) used to come in and fix the problem with a breeze.

If this also helps: I'm thinking the sound and internet device are physically hooked up but just not installed, this is because when I click my wifi button and sound buttons nothing happens or glow like usual.

Hi U all.


I am using a telkom mega105wr adsl router and have heard that there are issues with SP3 and these routers.

My Solution 1: Start - Connect to - Show all connections - Create a new connection - Next - Connect to the internet, next - Setup my connection manually, next - broadband pppoe option, next - isp name, next - adsl username & password, next - finish.
This will give your internet connection back.

My Solution 2: Contact your service provider to give you primary and secondary dns settings. These settings changes from service providers and the area you live in.

Both worked 100% for me, but the latter seems to be the best since you don't need to connect each time you want to go on the net.

I work on Vista, had the internet connection problem after windows update.
I found out that it is caused by "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista (KB961260)".
Unintall this update, and my IE and other internet programs is back to work again.
Got the same problem with my sp3 update and I found a really easy solution.
Just manually input your DNS address in your TCP/IP propterties.
If you do not have that info then just call your service provider to get your DNS address.
I have tried this and it works.
OK, My internet connection did not work after upgrading to SP3, although Outlook and MSN Messenger did, weird, anyways, I've unistalled XPSP3, by going to C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$ and clicking on the spuninst.exe, yet to see what it does to my computer, lol.
I reinstalled IE7, that did the trick for me.

Here is the Microsoft solution:
After trying all of the above suggestions, and not able to remove SP3 I reinstalled (repaired) using my original XP disc and now all connections are back to normal.