No audio output device installed

hilldoc - Oct 8, 2008 at 05:14 PM
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I have windows vista in my pc which is only one yr old now but the audio output is not working. I guess I deleted it. not sure. can you help?

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I also tried the "easy" fix and it worked great.

I have a Toshiba laptop with Realtek sound. I got the same msg that "No Audio device was found" so I simply went into my Control Panel, switched to Classic View, and opened the Device Manager. Then I opened the Sound folder, clicked on the Realtek and told it to DISABLE, then ENABLE. Problem solved.

EDIT: In case this doesn't work, here are two other workarounds:
hey there, thanks for that, it worked.
Hey Buckshot - simply superb, your advice worked like magic on my Toshiba laptop. Thanks a ton.
thanks for the suggestion it worked for me...the one that says to click on the Sound in Device Manager.
What a relief, I was afraid I would have to reinstall everything again
It Worked! just disable and reenable realtec high definition sound and vola!
gregor > Adawg
Dec 11, 2008 at 04:10 PM
disable and enable and it will work
Hi everyone

I also could not find recovery manager, and I also did not have the option when going to device manager and selecting action to scan for hardware changes. However, I fixed the problem by these steps:

1) Go to device manager

2) Select sound, video, and game controllers from the list, and select high definition audio device when it drops down

3)New window opens. Select the driver tab. Click uninstall.

4)Then after it is uninstalled, go back to device manager window.
Select action, and THEN you will have the option of scanning for hardware changes.
Select this option and it will reinstall and the problem should be fixed.

(I have an acer laptop with windows vista but I thought these steps could be useful for others as well)

1) Go to device manager

2) Select sound, video, and game controllers from the list, and select high definition audio device when it drops down

3)New window opens. Select the driver tab. Click uninstall.

4)Then after it is uninstalled, go back to device manager window.
Select action, and THEN you will have the option of scanning for hardware changes.
Select this option and it will reinstall and the problem should be fixed.

(I have an acer laptop with windows vista but I thought these steps could be useful for others as well)]

I also experienced it last night and this is what I did just follow the steps below. I found it thru hp help cntre and it really works out.

follow the steps below:

Click Start and type Recovery Manager in the search field.
Select Recovery Manager .
Click Advanced .
Select Hardware driver re-installation .
Click Next .
Select the appropriate audio driver.
Click Next . The audio driver will re-install.
Click Finish and allow the PC to restart.
Hai pjane. Thanks for guiding me step by step in installing the driver of sound. I was facing the probolem of not getting any volume with the indication"no audio output device installed" since the past one day. I tried various options and failed and infact was planning to go to the service centre tomorrow morning, for getting it rectified. I have bought my laptop from abroad and it is not even an year that it was purchased. Was feeling extremely sad in seeing the non-functiioning of the volume in the laptoop. Anyway , once again thanks for your guidance and keep it up. Good luck...Priya
wow thanks that was VERY helpful a really apprecaite it
woooow thank u very much its really worked. you a such a genius thanks
Hi,pjane...I have the same problem with sound device,I read your advice,but my laptop cant find recovery manager....what should I do in this case????
Thanks in forward....
si thu > nina
Nov 17, 2008 at 10:39 AM
hello,i need to install audio output device. so, what should I do and how to install that?
Do you have the speaker icon on the lower right? If so, check to see if sound is "muted" (turned off) . If the sound is turned-on it will have two sound waves on the right of the icon. If muted it will have a circle with a slash added to the icon. If muted click on the icon then click the speaker in the new window. Check the sound by changing the volume - it will beep when you change the volume.

If the above did not fix the problem you need to download and reinstall the sound card driver.
i have installed new os vista from xp with out formatting it my driver disk get lost form friend I get other it or also attach a intex sound hardware I installed the previous virson or new intex driver
Its worked thank you .
It's not just an enable\disable issue.

When you pull up the audio devices by clicking ont he sound icon, right click and choose show disabled devices, and then enable it there also
thanx justin it wrkd that was pretty plain and simple ty (=
perilymph > Justin
Jul 16, 2009 at 07:10 AM
I tried to fix this problem months ago but didn't luck into this forum at the time. The dedicated site is somewhat helpful if incoherent.

Toshiba Satellite running Vista; I inadvertently uninstalled the audio device while fiddling with a headset for Skype.

Justin's suggestion (post #102: "Show Disabled Devices" and enable in Sound window) worked as far as the built-in computer speakers. External headphones still not working (tried 2 different sets and yes, it's the correct panel jack). I expected that plugging them in would cut out the inboard sound, but not so. Oddly, the headphones don't work even if I disable the computer speakers, and the headphones show as "Working" with green check-mark (though no bar indicator). I tried setting them as "default", but no luck (and now can't change default back to Speakers.)

After heaving a few sighs of relief I'll try Sando's suggestion to see if it works for headphones.


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My easy fix on DELL LATITIDE with VISTA:
Control Manager -> Device Manager -> Sounds -> High Defintion Audio Device
Disable and then Enable.
It would help if you read the post of the OP a tad more carefully. Your advice presupposes the possibility of selecting any device in the device manager. In the OP's case, there is a cross, which means there is no audio device installed at all, let alone a possibility to select it.

Anyway, Recovery Manager is proprietary software AFAIK, so a more general approach to fix this problem is the following (for Vista, possibly also XP):
Go to Device Manager (Start > Run > Type 'devmgmt.msc' without the quotes > Press Enter)
In Device Manager, go to Action > Scan for Hardware Changes. This might very well reinstall your audio card (or any other device Windows has managed to make disappear).

Cheers, sando AKA JJ
hey I click on action but it dont say anything but "help" so where do I find the scanner thing please help it says "no audio output device is installed"
you have to click sound then go to action ohh and by the way if u fixed the problom can u help me !! I have a gate way laptop to please help!
mylaine > sando
Jan 15, 2009 at 10:34 PM
hey..i was following the step's you provided but im not sure it'll do with my computer.i have a gateway laptop and the sound just stop working one day and of course it gives the message that theres no audio device I said I followed your steps but when I click on action my only option is (help) you know how I can get it working again?...please, i'd really appreciate it..ive been braking my head lol....thanks
i love u sando your advice helped me out
This is usually caused by an updated that your computer received from Microsoft. If you can't fix it using pjane's method then do it this way:

Try to do this.

Click your start button and go to your control panel >

Device Manager >

collapse Sound, video and game controllers >

on the item listed below that, right click it then Uninstall then just click on "OK".

Restart you computer and your computer will look for the missing driver.

After that installation your sound will be back.

Trust me....this works. Some of you may be concerned about uninstalling something and not being able to recover it it, but you can't loose anything that your computer can't find.
Thanks alot your advice worked.....i'm so glad!!!!! I had this problem for almost a week I tried everything but your advice was the one dat worked.....thanks a millon.
On a Toshiba..
Control panel....Device manager....system devices.....High deffinition audio.......disable....then enable...

That did it for me...good luck.
all I did was went to device manager, right clicked on sound video and game controls. Disabled and than enabled again. Seemed to so the trick.
Exactly, that is what I mean: these are different problems. Your solution might work if you get "No Audio device was found". However, that is a different message from "no audio output device installed". IN that case, you should reinstall your device drivers, e.g. via 'Scan for Hardware Changes' (refer to previous post).

Cheers, sando.
Hi guys! GOt the same problem. I just followed DK's advise and problem's gone. Thanks DK and to the creator of this website. This is very helpful. Thanks and Kudos to all brilliant minds!!!
i see some people have got things to work some didnt. I had hd audio installed on xp but got no audio device..I wish I would have tried disable/enable sound first (just wondering). I reinstalled all sound stuff and even went from onboard to sound card and still had no audio altho all drivers were installed. So here's another solution that worked for me.

>1. From Device Manager (be sure to select View/Show hidden devices), find the 'ISAPNP
>Read Data Port' device from the System Devices list. (Of note: once I successfully
>repaired this problem, this device no longer appears.)
>2. Right click the ISAPNP device, and select "Update Driver"
>3. Select "Install from a list or specific location"
>4. Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install."
>5. The step I left out on prior trials: UNSELECT "Show Compatible Hardware"
>6. Be sure that "(Standard System Devices)" is selected under Manufacturer.
>7. Under Model, scroll down until you see "Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator".
>Select this item, and select "Next>".
>8. You will receive some frightening error message that you should probably disregard.
>9. Complete the installation of the driver. You will see your device list magically
>change before your eyes. The other PNP devices will mysteriously become enabled and
>active. If not, restart.
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Jan 16, 2009 at 04:09 AM
Hello Mylaine ,

U have to re-install ur sound card.

Go to
Search for the driver of ur sound card and download it. Then run it.