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i hope someone can help me. i have rca lyra x3030, that i use to record videos on, sometimes the file is viewable. at other times the recording is not. i get a message saying file not supported. i can tell the there is something on the drive, i have ten files that add up to 9.18 gb out of a 30 gb drive. i have another 10 to 15 video files that dont play. there is nothing else that i have recorded. how can i play those files?
thanks for helping out.

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you can maybe try to look for a codecs that will play that file
thanks for the help. but first i will have to find out what codecs are and then see if that works. keep you informed.
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have you checked the extension of those clips which arent being played?

if this is an extension unrecognised by windows just try to download a software being able to read thse files.

try this software real player gold:
Real player Gold
thanks for the help. i will try that, too.
thanks for giving me the help. i read about codecs. that maybe the answer but i did not give all the details of my problem. the rca lyra x3030 is a multimedia player, i recorded videos useing a micro camera connected to it. recording my own "cheaters" show starring my @#$%*** wife. i can play some of the files but not all on the rca. i can download the viewable files to my pc but the one with "file not supported" are not even seen by the pc. how can i download those files or how do i use the codecs on the rca player.
Codecs are only updated into your X3030 when the firmware is upgraded. (see RCA website) Since the file was recorded on device, device NEEDS to play it. Since the file recorded does not play on your X3030 or your PC, then the file is corrupted. :( Sorry, but this recorder (X3030) depends on the internal hard drive,not flash memory, to save files. Mine started telling me "format not supported" on video clips that worked weeks before. Soon it had trouble getting past "LYRA" start screen. Luckily I had extended warranty & a year after using it with no problems I sent it in for repairs. They told me they replaced the hard drive. Now it works fine again. The "not supported" files were gone since the hard drive got Alzheimer's :(
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hi i have a x2400 and i found a codec pack that might work for you its k-lite mega codec pack its a free download for xp or vista good luck g.towner