FN+F8 on my dell inspiron 1300 not working

 venkat -
I have dell inspiron 1300 laptop and FN+F8 doesn't bring my laptop screen back to laptop mode. It always shows the picuture on connected TV. This is happening from last week and i don't remembering installing any new software. I tried system restore point too,but no use. It behaves same in safe mode too. Kindly help me and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi there,

Check in display properties you might have set external monitor to primary display its all abut a setting only.

Thanks for responding. I have checked my display properties -> settings. The first screen is set to option 1.dafault monitor on mobile.... and Second screen is set to Plug and Play monitor on mobile.... I'm not able to change these options. Can you pls explain how do i change the settings.