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How can count dates between 2 cells in excel, 1jan - 2jan to count as 2 days.
with =NETWORKDAYS(A1,A2) not count the weekends.


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To calculate the difference in days, use the DATEDIF function as shown in the following formula:

A2 - Start date
b2 - end date
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How to count the number of days considering the time
for example:

11/11/2012 7:00PM = date start

11/12/2012 7:00AM = date end

how to get = 0.5 days
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Hello Filippos,
a subtraction should work it out


thanks for great formula, its simple but works excellently. great :)
Sorry may I have a help on COUNTIF in excle I just want to impose more than one condition from more than one range

Site Date Gender

x 29-Mar-10 Female
x 29-Mar-10 Male
x 29-Mar-10 Male
M 29-Mar-10 Female
M 29-Mar-10 Female
M 29-Mar-10 Male
M 29-Mar-10 Female
M 29-Mar-10 Male
M 30-Mar-10 Male
M 31-Mar-10 Female
M 1-Apr-10 Male
M 1-Apr-10 Female
M 1-Apr-10 Female
x 1-Apr-10 Male
x 6-Apr-10 Male
x 6-Apr-10 Male
x 6-Apr-10 Male

then I want ot count female in site x from 1st april to 29th mar 2010
Kindy help me

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Thron: You can use a sumproduct for that
=SUMPRODUCT((C1:C19="Female") * (A1:A19="x") *1)
How can count dates between 2 cells in excel, 1jan - 2jan to count as 2 days.

To count the number of days in a range is very simple.

Eg: I want to count the number of days between 1/1/9 and 22/4/9

If cell A1 is start date (1/1/9), and cell B1 is end date (22/4/9), and the result will appear in cell C1, then the formula in C1 is simply = B1-A1

But, the trick is, you have to format cell C1 to be a General Number with no decimals, otherwise is just returns another date format response. Result in this example is 111 days.

Hope this helps.
And how do I exclude the weekends and holidays?
Can you show me the sample , such as =sum(11/05/2009),-(6/07/200).
I mean give me sample how to do it ,thank in advance /Plai
The simpleast and accurate one is C1=B1-A1, after formating the cell where the result will be inserted
this was really really helpful! thank u!
It work!! thank you! :o)
using =networkdays("range") will exclude weekends. to exclude holidays, you must create a list of holidays, name this list and reference it in the network days formula... =networkdays(A1:A2, holidays)
How about if you want to include the weekends, for example 01/03/2016 - 31/03/2016 the sum should be 31 days?
Thanks Ivan,

with this whenever the cells is empty indicate 1 and can't using SUM for the month