The Monitor Displlay "No Signal Input"

This is my first time to use this site ,
i was so interested to hear other people views and comments about topics.

i also have the "the Monitor displays No Signal Input" problem...
I have changed the monitor with another one which is working but still.
And it seem like the problem is from the Bord.

i will appreciate any help that will help me solve this problem

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My monitor says no input signal, how can I fix it?
Thank you

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Checked all cables and tried moving everything short of buying new parts. Unpluged keyboard, started computer and guess what ,the moniter worked. Go figure. Hope this works for you.
i am now ok with my monitor,
it is now working .
after swapping the memory .
i have got a computer and attached a monitor to it and it worked but only in safe mode then it completly stoped working so I bought a new monitor thinking this would solve the problem but still there is no input signal ?
and on top of this the computer won't boot propally because it fires up propally and then it goes quite and when I turn off it by the power button it turns off instantly even if I just press it so by this I know it has not booted up propally, any solotions ? :)
during startup press f8 then press enable vga mode

worked for me
good luck
i also have that kind of problem with my computer many times "no signal input".
based of what I experience with my computer, all I did to solve this kind of problem is that I open my cpu pull out the graphics card and clean the graphics cards pins and also with the pci/pcie/agp bus slot. also the dvi or vga connectors. sometimes dirt affect the contact of the graphics card to the motherboard.
I try any way to solve this problem from my PSU, Cable from monitor to CPU, add graphic card and etc. but no one working... until I find the problem is from my home voltage source which always sounded like a something want to burn. check your voltage source, who knows the problem is same like me and you can solve it.
what should I do to turn on the monitor screen I tryed every thing you guys wrote but nothing worked please can you people write back and tell me the answer PLEASE!
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If your system has a graphics card other than the on-board one:
i) check if the monitor is connected to the right one,
ii) check if the right graphich card is activated,
iii) check the cables and connections
before blaming the board I say.
I have trouble with screen, always displayed that he did not signal goes out. How can be solved
yes its the same on mine you need a nother motherbord cost round about: £60.00

yes somethings definitely wrong and if u already have changed the monitor, the problem is with ur graphic card. but ifs an onboard graphics adapter , you will have to changed for a new one.
i have the same thing with my desktop
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formatting ur system with the monitor which u had the problem