How to fix Windows error message "error:0x80300001" [Solved/Closed]

I use a laptop acer aspire 7415z. When I install windows vista then it shows "windows is unable to the selected location. Error:0x80300001" .For this reason windows is not installing in any drive. But when I install windows xp then it
Please give me a note how I can install windows vista and fixed the problem.
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I wasted several hours to figure out that when you get this error, you need to remove the driver CD and put back the windows install DVD. Then re-select your partition. This error message is completely stupid and useless.

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Wow I feel stupid. Thanks.
Thank you very much dear bro. I was worried so much. Your few words saved me
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I have the same problem. My laptop is ACER ferrari 1200. Couldn't install VISTA with the same error.
Thanks for ANY solution.
Thank you
Thank you sooo much for this post! I've been battling with this error for a few days now and thanks to this post I realize all I have to do is put the stupid DVD back in and hit refresh! Love the info you can find online!
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Wow, thanks! After all the hair pulling.. I find your easy solution ;)
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Thank you LMOC.
An Utterly useless error message from MS!
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STUPID DVD wasted so much time.
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Thank you so much, LMOC.

It's working fine also for WINDOWS 2008 SERVER R2.
Tried for hours, found nothing useful by google until I read your post!

Just onl put back my Server-DVD in the drive and hit REFRESH! A few seconds later I could go in with the installation process.

T H A N K S ! !
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thank you! thank you! thank you!
Thanx dude, simple.
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Many thanks for the great suggestion ...

I clicked on REFRESH and "voila" ... Windows 7 can be installed ... I searched for ages for the correct SATA driver ...

Can this be a "good-bye-present" from Billy Gates ???????????? *evil grin*
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thanks so much,